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In June 2016 The New Zealand CIO Summit hosted over 500 CIOs,Technology and Digital leaders from enterprise to connect, learn and be inspired by global and local experts and practitioners on how technology and innovation best enables business advantage in the digital world.

Celebrating it’s 10th year in 2016, The New Zealand CIO Summit hosted over 50 fantastic speakers including:

  • Bill Schlough, San Francisco Giants (USA)
  • Siim Sikkut, Government of Estonia (Estonia)
  • Sandra Ng, IDC (Singapore)
  • Vernon Turner, IDC (USA)
  • Dr Alex Bazin, Fujitsu (UK)
  • Sean Duca, Palo Alto (Australia)
  • Charlie Wood, Dropbox (Australia)
  • And many more…

Focusing on how New Zealand CIOs can thrive in a digitally disruptive environment and continue to transform the traditional IT function, speakers presented on:

  • Leading in 3D: CIO’s leadership model to drive digital transformation (DX) to scale
  • Re-imaging IT to tackle advanced digital projects
  • Leading transformation from technology departments
  • From co-op to lean startup: unlocking legacy in an agile way
  • Why we need purple people – bridging the business and it divide
  • Stop waiting to be asked! Building authentic leadership as a modern CIO
  • Starting the collaboration journey
  • Leading and navigating the transition to the digital business model
  • Human centric Internet of Things – emerging technologies
  • Under Fire! Anatomy of a hack and strategies to combat cyber security risk
  • What’s the outcome of 20 years of disruption in ICT? Is there a role for the CIO in 2025?

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