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This is your chance to hear directly from those working behind the scenes about the government’s ICT strategy framework and the complex issues behind the government adoption of the public cloud. This year we focus on advancing the use of technology across the public sector and building stronger collaboration across government.

Who you will meet?

  • Leaders and executives from government and technology
  • Policy makers, senior advisers, controllers and strategists from government agencies
  • Enterprise Architects, Technology & Operations Managers from local & central government, health, education, and SOEs
  • Risk Officers, Transformation Leaders, Performance Leaders and Business Partners within government and industry
  • CIOs and their top team members from NZ-based and international companies
    …and anyone passionate about using technology to transform

Why attend?

  • Understand the implications, benefits and challenges of implementing the acceleration of public cloud services
  • Realise the deeper implications of working with data and security in the cloud
  • Investigate how agencies are working together to collaborate on technology to effectively deliver better public services
  • Acquire knowledge on remodelling commercial frameworks when working with the cloud
  • Collaborate, connect and share experiences with government & industry leaders, vendors & experts to discuss the use of technology to influence economic and social outcomes


8.50 – Welcome from the Chairs
Graeme Muller, Chief Executive, NZTECH
Victoria MacLennan, Co-Chair, NZRISE


9.30 – GCIO ADDRESS: Accelerating digital transformation
Colin MacDonald, Chief Executive & Government CIO, DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS

10.00 – To market, to market: A birdseye view of the DIA’s ICT Marketplace
Streamlining pricing, billing and onboarding for government’s ICT vendors
Showcasing innovation for government agencies, products and suppliers
Using analytics to gain tangible value in the marketplace
Ron Stuart, Manager – Government ICT Supply Strategy, DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS

10.30 – Morning break and refreshments

Round 1: 11.00 – 11.40 | Round 2: 11.40 – 12.20

Roundtable 1: Mitigating ShadowIT through robust systems, mutual trust and collaboration

Roundtable 2: Embedding an enterprise-level cloud focus into strategy to support realisation of business goals

Roundtable 3: Disrupting to stay relevant or maintaining stability to mitigate emerging risks

Roundtable 4: Securing the right balance between innovation, security, privacy and managed risk taking to aid better delivery of public services

Roundtable 5: Enhancing collaboration cultures to help drive systemic change across agencies

Roundtable 6: Telling the mobile story: Assessing security issues within a virtually connected and physically removed environment

Roundtable 7: Exploring the endeavour to be more agile to support transformation efforts

Roundtable 8: Prioritising investment to build ICT capabilities and people talent to boost creativity and performance

Roundtable 9: Using predictive analytics and modelling to help predict trends and gain insights into public issues

Roundtable 10: Using public-private partnerships to drive innovation and new methods of delivering better public services

12.20 – Lunch
CHAIR: Victoria MacLennan, Co-Chair, NZRISE

CHAIR: Graeme Muller, Chief Executive, NZTECH

DATA: Protecting data and systems – Using security as a strategy for growth
CLOUD: Using the cloud to drive digital transformation


DATA: How to create a data-driven organisation, not just a data-driven strategy
CLOUD: PANEL: Maintaining data integrity and sovereignty on international cloud servers


DATA: CASE STUDY: Using Geospatial and time metrics to build analytical capabilities
CLOUD: Accelerating the adoption of public cloud services

2.50 – Afternoon break and refreshments

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: Going digital to drive results

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Why it is important to transform – Empowering the future workforce for growth and success
Frances Valintine, Founder, TECH FUTURES LAB & Chair & Founder, THE MIND LAB BY UNITEC

Summary remarks from the Chairs and networking drinks

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