Webinar: Your Cyber Security Roadmap

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With more than 50,000 new malware created every day organisations can no longer afford to risk the financial and reputational impacts of a security or data breach, which can be too much for a business to recover from. Because of this, IT managers face increasing scrutiny and pressure from CEOs, managing directors and boards to prove that they are keeping the organisation secure.

The changing threat landscape means organisations need to be vigilant and smarter about security. While businesses still face threats from infected devices and malware, attackers have also moved beyond that. For example, there is an increasing number of targeted email attacks with cyber criminals spending time to monitor communications so they can imitate emails that are so sophisticated that even relatively savvy users will open them.

This webinar will explore the building blocks required to ensure you have the roadmap required to ensure the best protection against cyber attacks. Joining this webinar will provide you with a high level view of the following topics:

  • Audit and discovery – What are your weaknesses and are you compliant?
  • Education – Do your employees know when not to open that attachment?
  • Policy – Do you have the right policies for your industry?
  • Technology – Where to start and what has changed?

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