Kinetic IT gets new momentum after major growth cycle

Published on the 30/10/2013 | Written by Agilyx

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  • Technology


  • To upgrade to an ERP system capable of supporting ongoing growth
  • To automate transactions, and provide mechanisms of control and risk management


  • Unit 4 Business World


  • Central source of truth with one repository for all data
  • Automated business processes, timesheets, project initiation and project tracking.
  • Better visibility of pipeline, boosted forecasting accuracy by 94 percent
  • Solid foundation for future growth


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While casting a necessary eye toward a new ERP system, Kinetic IT’s management was struck by the fact that the company’s existing legacy systems had a strong focus on transactional activity, to the detriment of value-add, analytical and risk management activities. This reality had to change if future growth was to continue unabated, so the team chose the Unit 4 Business World ERP solution.

‘‘The implementation of Agilyx  was essential in providing a sustainable platform to buttress future growth and account for six years of significant expansion. It was the key to improving timely and accurate visibility of business performance,’’ says a Kinetic IT spokesperson.

‘‘The ultimate aim of our project was to automate transactions, provide mechanisms of control and risk management so we could refocus efforts on supporting decision making.

This was particularly significant as we had grown exponentially and could no longer manage the business on ‘gut feel’ or ‘entrepreneurial spirit’.’’

The biggest challenge
Kinetic IT’s greatest asset is its people. With employees representing over 80 percent of the business’s costs, a crucial component of any new system was the ability to be scalable beyond 10,000 staff whilst upholding a stringent managerial requirement of running a weekly payroll service.

In addition Kinetic IT has a dedicated service delivery model with a preference to be co-located at customer sites. This means that at any one time over 90 percent of Kinetic IT’s staff is likely to be working outside the primary offices and networks of the core business. So the key to a new ERP implementation was to create a single source of truth for all resources on the ground, despite their location, with the performance and scalability to encourage and support strong employee growth over the coming decade.

Meanwhile it was equally critical that Kinetic IT was able to track its services via online projects with the capability to match these services with resources in a visible pipeline – crucial to maintaining a healthy and manageable workload.

Primary objectives
The Agilyx  project encompassed a wholesale replacement of QuickBooks, Epicor, Paypac and manual form entry to produce a single source of truth for HR/payroll information and ‘in-sourcing’ of the payroll system. The new system would also reduce the billing cycle from 15 to 10 days with role-based price lists by client/project duration; provide business process automation for project initiation and amendments to track services; remove manual timesheets and replace them with employee self-service for online absence, time and expense entry; and integrate payroll, billing and costing data to effectively eliminate ‘Excel’ accounting.

Long-term results for long-term growth
With the project improvements in place,the business is enjoying faster processes and increased accuracy of workflows and information. Management is now able to focus intently on real business exceptions as opposed to routine activity.

Kinetic IT now wields considerably enhanced foresight when assessing business conditions. With such accurate real-time information and greatly improved forecasting the organisation can now be more proactive when allocating resources and responding to opportunities.

Agilyx  has provided a platform that has resulted in greater consistency and predictability in financial performance, thus building the board’s faith in managerial decision making.

This enhanced trust in financial feasibility has in turn allowed the executive team to focus intently on maximising opportunities and continue the growth of the company.

Progress by the numbers
The change has also had a measurable positive impact on Kinetic IT’sbusiness goals as follows:

1. Kinetic IT have installed Unit 4 Business World as the central source of truth for:

  • Our People, our greatest assets, by rolling out insourced payroll, manager’s portals, alerts, traffic light reports and online forms.
  • Our services, by tracking them throughout online initiation and project maintenance (including pricing). This provides high visibility of our pipeline, improving forecasting accuracy (98 percent) and consistency of financial results.

2. Kinetic IT’s timesheet completion rate has jumped from 84 percent to 97 percent through the creation of a single online timesheet system complete with absence entry and expense claims, operating with multi-level approvals to hone accuracy. This in turn has led to improved timeliness and precision in billing (ie. happier customers) with billing times down from fifteen days to eight which adds further improved punctuality when reporting to management and the board.

3. Despite business growth that has topped 40 percent since implementing Agilyx , the amount of staff required for transactional duties for finance, payroll and project administration has remained fixed. This is a testament to the system, with the same sized team having been deployed to support 470 staff at project commencement, 600 at Go-Live, and currently sitting at 750-plus total employees.

Foundation for the future
Kinetic IT finds Agilyx  is ideally suited to agile and high growth organisations, but to gain maximum benefit from its ease of use, ensure you nurture your in house capability to administer, manage and configure the system. An ERP project using Agilyx  is an ‘Evolution not a Revolution’ so focus on getting your critical transactional and process platform right first, and then build from there.

Source: This article was originally sourced from Agilyx

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