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Published on the 08/07/2010 | Written by Mobico

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  • Rentokil


  • Services
  • Pest control


  • Ensure the highest possible levels of customer service and transparency
  • Increase productivity of management by freeing them from performing technical ‘fixes’
  • Maximise uptime for Rentokil field technicians
  • Minimise time spent on manual intervention during equipment repairs


  • Motorola MC75 Enterprise Digital Assistants
  • Customisation of both MC75s and PestNetOnline for optimal performance
  • Guaranteed swap-out of faulty units with pre-configured replacements within 24 hours


  • Reduced downtime from nine days to 24 hours
  • Reduced reliance on manual data entry, with its inherent errors
  • Increased productivity; improved customer service
  • Reinforced Rentokil’s reputation as market leader in service and technology


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Leading pest control company Rentokil needed better support for its mobile terminals and for these to sync with its online support website...

Mobile solutions are critical for leading pest control company Rentokil.

“The Motorola MC75 Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDA) and the support we receive from Mobico have helped us achieve greater productivity from our staff, fully meet our obligations to clients and add value to our existing pest control solutions,” says Tony Poulsen, general manager of Rentokil NZ.

He adds that “Our ‘PestNetOnline’ online portal for customers gives us a major competitive advantage in the pest control marketplace. Reliable and robust mobile terminals are a vital component for our field teams, as they service our client’s facilities. With the team from Mobico backing us up, we have reduced downtime and enabled our staff to focus on customer service, not equipment repair.”

Easy online support
Rentokil’s PestNetOnline enables organisations to review the status of their pest control 24/7 across multiple sites from a single web page. PestNetOnline helps organisations by highlighting and prioritising any pest control risks and pest prevention recommendations. By identifying any problems or weak spots up-front, organisations can be much more proactive and cost-efficient when managing their pest control. This reduces the need for any unnecessary site visits and lets people prioritise where they need to be by viewing activity online.

“PestNetOnline provides complete transparency for our customers,” says Poulsen. “They can see exactly what we’ve done and when we did it. They can access the system from any browser and manage multiple sites.

Customers love the service and rely on it to help manage their pest control initiatives. It is a key component of our overall service to clients.”

The high-tech system comes with a detailed reporting function and a document download facility, making it much easier to monitor pest control and identify problem areas.

When PestNetOnline is installed, barcodes are set up on site by Rentokil technicians, who are specially trained to identify problem areas that present a high risk of infestation. Each pest control danger hotspot is given a barcode. All pest activity and pest prevention recommendations in that location are entered against the barcode by a Rentokil technician each time they service the site. This information is uploaded to a secure server and is available for organisations to analyse immediately. In New Zealand, the technicians use Motorola MC75 EDAs to capture this information as well as digital images and other key metrics.

Reports can be scheduled to run automatically every month to make the auditing process much easier. The system can produce interactive site plans and audit checklists, which are particularly valuable for audited organisations or those with premises that are regularly inspected by environmental health offices. PestNetOnline is the only system of its type worldwide.

Downtime issue
“Before we engaged with Mobico,” says Maihi Cooper, national quality assurance manager at Rentokil, “we were having issues with support for our mobile terminals. At that time, we were using Motorola MC70 EDAs. The units themselves were performing as well as we would expect – our field technicians operate in challenging environments – and we had anticipated a certain amount of downtime. But the time lag between sending faulty units back to our supplier and receiving a replacement unit was creeping up towards nine days. To speed up the process, I could fix them, but I found myself spending, on average, two and a half days per unit. As national quality assurance manager, I have many responsibilities including training, client meetings and scheduling. Repairing faulty units was not a cost-effective use of my time.”

If field staff didn’t have access to the EDAs, they had to perform their tasks manually. “We could do everything we needed,” continues Cooper, “but it took longer and added to the workload of office staff and branch managers, who have to do the actual data entry and doublecheck the results. 

While few customers were impacted adversely, we knew we needed to change our model.”

Rentokil understands that investment in hardware and support services is an absolute requirement to maintain and enhance their solutions for customers.

“People want information fast,” says Cooper. “They want reports immediately after the fact. They want to see what we can see, as we see it. This is what PestNetOnline delivers. So we needed to ensure that PestNetOnline had the support required to keep it operating at maximum efficiency. We also wanted to enhance the services we could provide, specifically online images to be uploaded to PestNetOnline. 

The new Motorola MC75 EDAs had that capability.”

“We were put into touch with Rentokil through mutual contacts,” says Matt Higgs, corporate account manager at Mobico, “so we made an appointment to see them and listen to their requirements. They were very specific. They wanted a partner who could provide them with the support they required in a timely manner. They also wanted to upgrade their hardware from the MC70 to the MC75. We gave them a proposal and they accepted it.”

Improved support
However, there was a slight hiccup in the roll-out of the MC75s. “It turned out that there were subtle mobico_rentokil_cs_1differences in the operating systems between the MC70 and the MC75,” explains Cooper, “so that they wouldn’t work with PestNetOnline. No other Rentokil branch in Australasia had used PestNetOnline together with the MC75, so we had to create our own interface. The team from Mobico worked closely with the PestNetOnline developers to find a solution.

Not only were they able to redesign the system, but we could also roll it out to other Rentokil offices worldwide.”

Mobico was also able to meet Rentokil’s replacement requirements. “We have a service called ‘Gold Build’,” continues Higgs, “in which we retain a complete image – including settings, user IDs, etc – of each and every MC75 as it goes out the door. If a unit goes down, the company simply calls us up with the serial number and we can pull a spare from our inventory, load the settings and courier it to the technician, usually all within a couple of hours. This way Maihi never even has to pick up a screwdriver.”

“Having Mobico providing support has given me more time to do what I am supposed to do and that is to get in front of customers,” says Cooper. “My productivity has improved, as well as the productivity of our field teams, office support staff and area managers. We have staked our reputation on innovation and service.

PestNetOnline gives us a very real competitive advantage, and the support we receive from Mobico enables us to maximise its effect.”


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