Queensland schools enrol in ICT overhaul

Published on the 28/11/2013 | Written by Agilyx

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  • Education


  • To provide a unified finance solution that integrates with the new OneSchool platform


  • Unit 4 Business World and professional services provided by Agilyx


  • A single viewpoint of data for administration
  • Flexible and scalable thanks to data-driven architecture
  • Tight integration with the OneSchool platform


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When Queensland’s Department of Education, Training and Employment launched its transformative education programme to integrate technology throughout the school environment, it needed a finance solution partner to help…

Queensland’s Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE) has for some time been increasing its classroom integration of information and communication technologies, effectively etching ICT into the DNA of the educational strategy.

To cement the initiative it launched a comprehensive ‘Smart Classrooms’ strategy for digital education in Queensland state schools, geared towards modernising not only the classroom environment but also the managerial and financial aspects of the organisation. It has been a radical technological overhaul which is reconceptualising the way students learn and are taught.

As Rob Pearce executive director of OneSchool explains, “the current generation of students learn and speak ICT with ease. They thrive on its functionality, portability and adaptability. They use ICT to play, live and learn.”

In addition each school used to keep its own individual records that were not standardised across the state.

“We needed to reimagine this reality. With the assistance of prevailing technologies the department determined to create an all-encompassing education environment that would actively support our staff,” explains Pearce.

OneSchool to rule them all
To achieve this, the schools needed a software solution that could run comprehensive, flexible, sustainable and consistent administrative processes. OneSchool is the key software scaffolding which has been built by the Department to support the Smart Classrooms strategy. It is a web-based, comprehensive, flexible, secure, sustainable and integrated information management system that provides a single-point-of-truth about teaching, learning, schools, the curriculum, performance and financials.

Before OneSchool was launched, the department lacked a centralised tool to collect, manage and organise school, teacher and student information and importantly financial and operational management tools.

As Pearce recounts, “each school kept individual, often paper-based student and financial records that were neither shared nor standardised, and often hinged upon disparate legacy software.”

Finance central
The first step towards standardising management was to get the student, curriculum and timetable management project underway. With that in hand the department then began the process of searching for a single, unified solution to replace the many existing school-based financial management systems.

It selected Agilyx Business World as the finance platform to support OneSchool’s “broad offering to education stakeholders” thanks to its ability to support the required ‘anywhere, anytime’ functionality and provide a configurable and scalable platform. Agilyx also has a deep understanding of the education sector’s unique goals and needs and collaborated with the department to deliver a tailored solution that meets its needs.

The roll-out of Agilyx (including accounts payable, accounts receivable, procurement, budgeting, corporate card use and BPay for parents) within the OneSchool project has effectively produced a fully functional school administration system that provides a powerful tool to administer and manage the interactions between schools, suppliers, students and parents.

The software now offers a single view point that allows the Department to easily manage and observe detailed information on individual Queensland schools, a region or the entire state so it can make effective judgments about resources and service delivery. At a local level, it provides online services to parents and students and the integrated finance solution delivers state-wide access and functionality for individual schools to manage their separate business operations, meaning that school-based stakeholders can take charge of their own operational management decisions.

Future flexible
The Department wanted to contain post-implementation costs so it determined that the chosen solution must be easily scalable and reconfigurable to allow for organisational changes such as revised structuring, regulatory changes or morphing school needs.

Agilyx’s information management system demonstrated that it can flex with future changes. Its software architecture VITA is data model driven, not ‘fixed’ process driven and allows the Department to continually refine the application and respond to programme and operational alterations with ease long after implementation. Indeed, the Agilyx solution has been touted by industry analysts as unique in the education community due to its unusually tight coupling of data management, process modelling and information delivery through data rich reporting and analytics.

Today a single change made to OneSchool’s data or business processes is reflected throughout the entire OneSchool system and results in a single and accurate master-view of the department’s current and projected business needs. OneSchool is now extensively used by every teacher in every state school in Queensland and the project has officially been hailed a success by the DETE.

Source: This article was originally sourced from Agilyx

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