Lunch Box: CFO insights on selecting software to create an agile business

Published on the 29/05/2015 | Written by iStart

Software planning

A guide to increase success and reduce risk...

The business world has changed. The cloud is rapidly introducing new software solutions and the business, not IT, is leading the charge with digital transformation.

Businesses must prioritise their online channels and move quickly. Selecting the best software accelerates the process, but to be successful it needs to be done well.

Vittoria Anderson (CPA, CMA) has been involved in nearly a dozen business technology led transformations. She will share what she’s learned such as:

1. How to avoid underestimating the scope of transformation.
2. Why re-designing something you don’t truly understand adds risk and cost.
3. Why you should check your ambitions against budget, time and resources.
4. How to overcome barriers to moving to cloud-based solutions.

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