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Agilyx New Zealand sells and implements arguably the most nimble ERP system ever built.

No other ERP system better equips organisations for change. UNIT4 Business World is a fully integrated suite of core business functions, including financials, reporting and analytics, budgeting and forecasting, procurement, project management, HR and payroll and field asset management.

Thousands of organisations in over 100 countries use Business World to adapt and grow – simply and quickly.

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About Agilyx

Agilyx offers discerning organisations the most adaptable and nimble ERP systems on the global market.

Agilyx is an experienced and forwardly-focused provider of innovative business information management solutions for discerning and market leading organisations.

As a major distributor of the ‘UNIT4′ product suite we deliver and support the Unit4 Business World ERP solution(Formerly Agresso Business World), helping dynamic organisations manage their changing needs effectively. We strive to set the standard for enterprise solutions that help organisations embrace change – simply, quickly and cost effectively.

Commencing business operations more than a decade ago, Agilyx has become a significant contributor to the global success of UNIT4 business with the largest implementation of Business World, globally in 2010.

We add a unique local flair to our advice, questioning the traditional approach to ERP software, combining the best technology strategy and management approaches from Europe, the Americas and Asia, whilst adding a commercial reality and locally innovative touch.

Our passionate team has extensive experience and success in business and technology consulting, implementation, training and project management. We deliver results for our clients through creativity, fresh thinking and by challenging the status quo.

Agilyx Service Offerings

Agilyx’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are supported by a range of professional services to ensure customers get the utmost value from their solution.

Agilyx professional services experts understand how diverse the needs are of different organisations and our goal is to provide the best fit solution for each individual customer – and ensure the solution will meet their future needs as well.

Our services are characterised by:

  • The professionalism and commitment of our people
  • Our thorough understanding of people-centric organisations
  • Our structured, robust, standards-based processes
  • Our listening skills and non-prescriptive approach to customer needs

Agilyx offers:

  • Implementation Services
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Training
  • Support
  • Implementation Services
  • IT Services

Services Available

Some customers need an out-of-the-box solution, others may need specific functional enhancements.

Some customers have the IT infrastructure and skills to host their systems; others want to outsource. Training and support requirements vary according to your specific requirements. No matter the circumstances, Agilyx has flexible options to ensure the right fit for everyone.

Unit 4 Business World

Business World offers a fully-integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, providing both operational
support and strategic management to organisations that face rapid, ongoing change.

Business World  enables organisations to replace multiple third-party and internal business systems with a completely integrated and-role-focused solution. It is ideal for organisations that need financials and a broader range of core functions in a single unified business system.

This places powerful support for key functions at the heart of your operations and the complete flexibility to use these in conjunction with any other systems that you need to support your business – including Business World ‘s growing range of specialised plug-in applications.

Our ERP solution:

  • Ensures unrivalled post-implementation agility
  • Delivers functional breadth and sector support
  • Unlocks business information across your organisation
  • Minimises total cost of ownership and cost of change

Fully-Integrated Modules of Business World 


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