Automation – A Practical Guide to Digitising CX

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Automation – A Practical Guide to Digitising CX

Transformation is challenging. Internal conflicts and system constraints sum to risk, indecision and slow progress. Meanwhile customers’ expectations are already well ahead of the experience you’re providing them.

Often, stubborn manual processes remain in place to ensure compliance with outdated modes of operation, even while drivers to improve your customers’ experience are clear to all.

If you are in an industry* that relies on accurate, timely customer engagements through digital or contact centre channels, then this event will open your eyes to new possibilities for automation.

Register now to learn:

  • Where to focus effort for maximum customer impact
  • Industry examples of optimised process flows and benefits
  • How to start down the path with automation
  • How the right tools help with efficiency, assurance and happiness

* insurance, utilities, financial services, legal firms, local councils, government departments, real estate, tech sector + many more


Brendan Connolly


Darrell Hardidge ​– CX Strategy Expert, Saguity, Melbourne
Darrell approaches CX from a refreshingly human perspective by measuring customer engagement in terms of the level of appreciation and loyalty that is expressed. How? By talking to them. Insights collated from thousands of phone interviews will help guide you on when digital works, and when human works better.


Tony Braden_thumb


Dan Sandiford – CEO and co-founder, Groworx, Sydney
Dan founded Groworx to modernise the way organisations used digital capabilities to accelerate their growth. Using a unique blend of design, build and operate models, Dan’s pragmatic approach uncovers your key strategic goals and delivers them by matching employee capability to customer needs.


Simon Peterson


Greg Whitham – Head of Customer Experience NZ, Datacom, Auckland
Greg helps business to understand, ideate, and transform their relationships with their customers. Working at the intersection between customer intent, the commercial goals of a business, and technology he loves the challenge of using new technology to tackle old problems.


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