Lunch Box: Everything as a Service – Driving the new services economy

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Companies are increasingly moving from selling products, to selling services.

Being able to buy things as a service or subscription is not only accepted, it is becoming the preference – GE has famously re-invented itself, instead of selling jet engines and wind turbines, it offers these items as a service.

At the consumer end of town, Dollar Shave Club, Trunk Club and Amazon Prime all show the value of building a direct and ongoing relationship between suppliers and consumers.

But do businesses across A/NZ have to worry about this trend or are we insulated from this broader move?

And what do our organisations need to think about to ensure they remain competitive in the new service economy.

Join industry analyst Ben Kepes in a live webinar presentation and Q&A session with iStart’s Hayden McCall to set the scene and get us all thinking about what the future holds.

Thanks to our event sponsor FinancialForce.

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