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Published on the 14/03/2017 | Written by Jiwa Financials

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Advanced Seed gets a business boost with JIWA Financials…

As a growing business held back by its ineffective accounting systems, Advanced Seed opted for Jiwa Financials – and as a result has laid down the seeds for greater success.

A division of the Brandlink Group, Advanced Seed is a wholesale supplier which operates through a network of specialised distributors located throughout Australia.

Formed in 2000, Advanced Seed has quickly grown to become one of Australia’s leading importers and providers of turf grass seed and related products for commercial and retail markets. The company prides itself on importing only the finest quality products from around the world, with emphasis on those products suited for Australian conditions. Its seeds are used by most of the leading racecourses, golf courses, turf farms, local governments and sporting facilities throughout Australia.

Five years into its operations, Advanced Seed’s accounting system began to struggle. Customisations to the software were extending the system’s life but these efforts were still only fixing problems temporarily.

The company became aware that a new solution would soon be necessary, as Brian Hinman, Advanced Seed Managing Director explains: “This [software] worked well until more growth and a further acquisition demanded a larger system capable of servicing the increasing accounts complexity and the developing demand for QC, batch tracking and stock control.”

Advanced Seed’s next step was to undertake a detailed assessment of requirements and alternatives. At the end of this process, Jiwa Financial Software was identified as the best option and implemented.

The agricultural firm picked Jiwa as it is an ERP solution specifically designed for wholesalers with strong inventory management capability. In addition to the availability of local support and software development, Jiwa offers affordability, feature-richness and stability in a complete business and financial management solution suitable for businesses with up to 100 employees.

The Microsoft SQL-based solution covers accounting, inventory, warehousing, reporting and more in a scalable, fully integrated package which can be easily tailored to meet the individual needs of specific businesses.

As a result, Jiwa has provided Advanced Seed with a business management system that combines monitoring, tracking and customer accounting. Used to precisely monitor the company’s seed blending and batch management, Jiwa makes it possible to provide customers with an assurance of germination rate yield percentage for each mix, and the ability to track every ingredient in a mix, right through wholesale and retail on-sellers.

Having proven its ability to meet all current accounting requirements, Advanced Seed management is confident that Jiwa will continue to prove its value well into the future. “The new Advanced Seed inventory management and accounting system has many more capabilities for us yet to use,” Hinman says. “The next challenge is to activate the landed cost of our imported raw materials. This will not only eliminate a time-consuming and tedious task, currently done with spreadsheets, but will also deliver precise costing information on every shipment. In addition, we will be able to include currency shifts as well as all on-costs and overheads such as freight, insurance, cost of finance and more.”

“The new Advanced Seed inventory management and accounting system has many more capabilities for us yet to use.”

Source: This article was originally sourced from Jiwa Financials


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