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Published on the 08/06/2017 | Written by Jiwa Financials

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  • Wholesale/Distribution


  • Replace an ageing customised business management solution
  • Improve user acceptance
  • Solve Forex challenges


  • Jiwa 7 Financials supplied and implemented by Jiwa (incorporating customised SAP Crystal Report Forex solution).


  • Automation of foreign exchange calculations throughout supply chain
  • Improved customer visibility of orders and costs
  • Efficiency gains saving 32 hours per week admin resource


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Kiwi importer/distributor with global reach is counting the benefits of a Jiwa 7 implementation…

Haunui International Limited imports and distributes a wide range of products to the retail sector both in New Zealand and overseas.

Working with retail chains, Haunui partners with manufacturers globally to source and design customer-specific product ranges.

Based in Auckland, it has offices in China and works with partners in the USA, Singapore and India.

The diverse products include indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, framed art, luggage, chilly bins, children’s playground equipment and lubricant products.

For more than a decade Haunui had its business management needs met via a custom made ERP solution that was developed in-house. Although it could perform basic sales, financial, purchasing and inventory functions the system was difficult to use and limited in its reporting functionality.

“The system we had relied on for many years to run our business was slow, cumbersome to use, difficult to train staff on and was not able to keep up with our evolving needs”, said Hugh Algie, Director, Haunui International Ltd. “We’d spent about $50,000 on it over the years but it still couldn’t do everything we needed. It was definitely time for a change.”

One of Algie’s business partners is a Jiwa user and he suggested that he check out Jiwa 7. After liking what he saw in the demo, Algie kicked off an implementation that was completed smoothly over just a couple of weeks.

The Solution
Jiwa is used on a day-to-day basis handling the company’s shipping, inventory and sales needs.

“I’m in an out of Jiwa every day”, said Algie. “We manage all our sales orders in Jiwa through a process that is fast and simple. The sales orders we place to our local and overseas suppliers are entered in Jiwa and show us everything we need to know, for example what stocks are to be shipped, when they’ll be delivered, pricing and other key information.

With several of Haunui’s suppliers located in China, the US, Singapore and India, many of the products sourced by Haunui are listed in a foreign currency. For that reason, it was important for Jiwa to manage foreign currencies. Through some customisation and the integration of SAP Crystal Reports, Haunui has greatly simplified the task of handling foreign exchange transactions.

“When we generate and place an order to an overseas supplier we key the order details into Jiwa including a sales exchange rate request which automatically calculates what we’ll be paying for the product in New Zealand dollars”, said Algie. “Further exchange rate calculations are performed through the sales pipeline finishing with a final exchange rate when we complete the deal with our local customer. Using the Crystal Reports capability in Jiwa, we can set our own reporting parameters and customise our sales orders to accommodate the various exchange rates we deal with. Prior to Jiwa we had to make all those calculations manually, which was time-consuming and produced less accurate results.”

Being able to forecast future revenues is vital for any business, and so it is with Haunui. It can be up to six months from when the company places an order with an offshore supplier to when the product is paid for by Haunui’s local retail customer. Jiwa streamlines the entire process helped by the automated exchange rate calculations.

“Haunui is an indent agent and, as such, all our orders are delivered well after the initial order is placed. An order placed in January can mean it’s June before we generate revenue. With so many orders spread out over such a lengthy sales pipeline we need to keep on top of what income will be coming in and when. With Jiwa, this is a seamless process.

“With little more than the click of a mouse I can produce reports that set out all our future income and when, based on a particular customer’s sales history along with other factors, we can expect that income to arrive. Jiwa has taken the guesswork out of this process and the result is much-needed peace of mind and an enhanced ability to prepare for the immediate future.”

When it comes to customer service, Jiwa is also proving its worth at Haunui. With all critical historical information and current sales data easily accessible from a central database, Algie is able to respond to customer enquiries quickly and with the right information at his fingertips.

“Before we installed Jiwa I would often have to spend a frustrating amount of time fumbling around looking for the information that will answer a customer’s enquiry”, he said. “Now I simply open up a screen in Jiwa that tells me what I need to know. Almost instantly I can raise a customer’s order history and tell a customer, ‘Yes, this is what you ordered in March, it’s due to be shipped to you next week, this will be the final cost’, etcetera. Jiwa gives me the visibility I need to let customers know we’re on top of things.”

The Result
With so many critical business functions now automatically managed in Jiwa rather than through time-consuming manual processes, it’s no surprise that Haunui’s ERP system has lowered the head-count at the company. For this reason alone, Jiwa has virtually paid for itself.

“It seems hard to believe that it wasn’t all that long ago that I employed someone for 32 hours a week to carry out work – such as order entry and sales forecasts – that I or someone else can now do in less than 30 minutes a day using Jiwa. Along with the obvious efficiency gains, this has resulted in dramatic cost savings for the business.

“It seems hard to believe that it wasn’t all that long ago that I employed someone for 32 hours a week to carry out work – such as order entry and sales forecasts – that I or someone else can now do in less than 30 minutes a day using Jiwa.”
Hugh Algie – Director, Haunui International Ltd.

“The simplicity and intuitiveness of the system also speeds up the time it takes me to train someone on Jiwa. With only a few hours of instruction I can get someone up and running on all the key functions of the program.”

Having delivered the desired productivity, efficiency and cost-savings, Algie is now looking to deploy Jiwa at another one of his companies.

“Jiwa has achieved the goals we set for it at Haunui, so it makes sense for me to now look at how we can expand our use of the system”, he said. “We have another business in Indonesia where I see lots of potential for the Jiwa solution, including incorporating CRM functionality which will be uploaded to Jiwa and used by our field staff. So that’s the next step we’re looking to take.”

Some Jiwa customers opt for a server-based version of the system, others choose the cloud based option. For Haunui, a move to the cloud is another likely future move.

“While our on-premise Jiwa solution meets our current needs, soon we’ll be looking to move all our IT infrastructure, including Jiwa, to the cloud”, said Algie. “As well as enabling us to access key business information at any time and from any location, this move will no doubt bring further efficiency and productivity benefits to the company.”

Source: This article was originally sourced from Jiwa Financials


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