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Published on the 26/08/2014 | Written by Velocity Global Ltd

Nosh Food Markets
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  • Nosh Food Markets


  • FMCG Retail


  • Enhance transaction visibility across the organisation
  • Improve buyers’ decision-making
  • Flexibility with reporting and query capabilities


  • Yellowfin business intelligence solution implemented by Velocity Global


  • Fast implementation, with no infrastructure overheads or risks
  • Software-as-a-service cost effective per-user pricing
  • Internal capabilities for customising reports, dashboards and ad hoc queries
  • Future extension onto mobile platforms


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Access to timely information is a critical tool for decision making at this fast growing retailer, and Yellowfin has delivered the goods...

In the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) retail industry, accurate, up-to-date information on sales, inventories and orders is critical to a successful operation. After recently implementing a new business intelligence tool, analysts and managers at Nosh Food Market can now track all of these metrics, in near real-time, which has allowed them to see exactly what is going on across the company.

Poised for growth
Nosh Food Market first opened its doors in 2006 in Glen Innes and has been expanding in Auckland, Matakana and the Bay of Plenty. Nosh is poised for more growth and will be opening new stores around the North Island. “We had been capturing detailed transaction data from our point of sales system,” explains Natalie Ah Num, chief financial officer of Nosh Food Markets. “We had contracted a third-party to prepare reports for us on a weekly basis and that was fine at the time. But, as we grew, we realised that we needed a more responsive mechanism to serve up better, more up-to-date information from our data.”

Nosh IT manager, Martin Graham, had helped implement a BI system in a previous role and was tasked with identifying options. “Velocity Global sponsored a BBC radio broadcast that I listen to on a regular basis,” says Graham, “so they were at the top of the list. I looked into their company and BI solution, Yellowfin. I liked what I saw. They were local, they had plenty of experience, Yellowfin was a fully-hosted BI solution and offered pretty much all of the functionality we needed. I called them up and started the discussion.”

“We are closer to our customers,” says Ah Num, “we can monitor what is selling and more accurately predict what we should be ordering. Before we implemented Yellowfin, we received reports once a week. Now we can drill down into up-to-date information from our desktops and get the answers we need. Fast.”

Specific requirements
“We knew what we wanted to achieve with a BI solution,” continues Ah Num. “While we were happy with the reports we already had, we wanted more flexibility with creating new reports. We wanted a dashboard interface that would give us a snapshot of the business and we wanted the ability to drill down into the data. And once we had the basics covered, we wanted to be able to build our capabilities as we expanded.”

“We provided a set of sample data to the team at Velocity Global,” explains Graham, “and gave them specifications on the reports we wanted as well as our dashboard and query requirements. They came back with a prototype that gave us a comprehensive window into our business.”

ROLAP for advanced processing
“Yellowfin is able to utilise a ROLAP (relational online analytical processing) data schema which gives it more flexibility than multidimensional BI cubes,” says Chris Morris, chief executive officer at Velocity Global. “This gives us the ability to map structured data into the Yellowfin database, which is hosted at a local data centre, quickly and easily. We have developed a library of reports and dashboard templates for Yellowfin so we could show the team at Nosh exactly what they could expect. We have built a number of Yellowfin implementations so we knew exactly what to do.”

“We have near real time metrics that help us fine-tune our ordering processes.”
Natalie Ah Num, chief financial officer, Nosh Food Markets

“We were impressed with their prototype,” says Ah Num. “Yellowfin did what we wanted, we liked the team at Velocity Global and the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model reduced our risk. The cost-per-user was well within our budget and we wouldn’t have to purchase any additional hardware. After looking at all of the facts, adopting Yellowfin as our BI platform and Velocity Global as our implementation partner was an easy decision to make.”

Fast implementation, immediate benefits

“It took Velocity Global less than two months to get us up and running on Yellowfin,” says Graham. “We worked closely with them to refine the report formats and dashboard configurations. We also had to restructure the data schema and redefine pathways to a certain extent, but by and large, the set up went very well. And now that we are live, we are continuing to add more capabilities and reports.”

Already the solution is providing benefits. “We can now align our forward purchase orders more closely to sales figures,” says Ah Num. “We have near real time metrics that help us fine-tune our ordering processes. Because we sell fresh produce, we need to be able to accurately predict sales and inventories. Having the right facts and figures on our managers’ desktops means they can make more accurate decisions on what to buy, in what quantities and when to schedule deliveries. This is a key business process for us and Yellowfin has given us a huge boost.”

Platform for the future
Yellowfin is now a strategic component of Nosh Food Market’s future. “We are adding more capabilities on a regular basis,” says Ah Num. “The support and development that we have received from Velocity Global has been outstanding. Now that we have more experience with the system, we have designated our business analyst to modify and create additional reports and help customise dashboards. Plus we are planning to make use of the mobile features in Yellowfin to provide smartphone access to the team. We are just scratching the surface with what we can do and are looking forward to extending our capabilities.”


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