Whitepaper: The business case for Middleware

Published on the 12/12/2018 | Written by Flow Software

A framework to assess and justify your middleware investment…

Middleware is a technology layer which embeds agility into any architecture, decoupling applications, de-risking change initiatives and easing integration challenges.

Integration with the systems of your partners, suppliers and customers is increasingly a necessity.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) has pioneered the way, but today, the requirement is for rapid and deeper integration, connecting supply chains, sharing inventory levels and movements.

Any data intensive organisation needs to exchange multiple data types and file structures across multiple platforms and trading parties.

“Integration with the systems of your partners, suppliers and customers is increasingly a necessity.”

Middleware allows project teams to create an abstract layer that makes creating and managing data exchange between applications and out to external parties much easier.

This white paper provides practical advice on the business benefits to expect from middleware, backed up by real world examples at Fliway, Villa Maria Wines, Lewis Road Creamery, Recreational Services and Heirloom carpets.

Use it to help evaluate if a middleware solution is suitable for your business.


  1. Executive Summary
  2. The Middleware Market
    2.1 Integration is a strategic capability
    2.2 Digital transformation
    2.3 Management by exception
    2.4 Agile architecture
    2.5 Middleware evaluation
  1. The Business Case
    3.1 Improve customer and partner experience
    3.2. Reduce costs
    3.3. Reduce business and technical complexity/risk
    3.4. Create ability to scale
    3.5. Provide business insights
  1. The Technical Case
    4.1 orchestrating business processes
    4.2. Web services/apis
    4.3. Modernise and extend legacy systems
    4.4. Manage exceptions that cannot be automated
    4.5. Migrate data between systems
    4.6. Ease software upgrades
    4.7. The last mile
    4.8. Organisational change
  1. Conclusion

The paper is sponsored by Flow Software.

Business case for Middleware



Read the full white paper The business case for Middleware


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