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Cincom taps into more than 50 years of experience in the software market to create business solutions that deliver results.

From compelling front end user experiences to robust rules engines behind the scenes, see how Cincom’s solutions can help you deliver a better experience to your prospects, customers and partners.

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About Cincom
Cincom is a global organisation devoted to building software solutions that help businesses succeed. Their configure-price-quote, customer communications management and ERP solutions are geared towards enhancing your organisation’s capabilities, optimising processes and delivering a better experience to your customers.

ERP Products
Cincom control
Cincom CONTROL: Enterprise level ERP
Cincom CONTROL offers advanced manufacturers and project based organisations high efficiency and innovative operation capabilities within a stable platform.

CONTROL ERP solution enjoys a solid reputation with many of its Australian customers running iterations of the system for over 20 years.

The solution itself brings together integrated modules that help businesses with a range of business functions with the advanced manufacturer in mind, including; order management, product engineering, operations, procurement and accounting.

Key features include:

  • Financial Management which offers a wide array of browsing and drilldown capabilities and utilises both standard-cost and actual-cost methods to meet your unique business requirements.
  • Manufacturing Compliance and Quality-Control systems that helps organisations reduce waste, avoid defects and ensure regulatory requirements are met.
  • Lean Execution Suite from Ultriva, Inc. delivers lean advantages to manufacturers by reducing order errors, achieving a mixed-mode production line or eliminating production constraints.
  • Professional Services team at Cincom Australia with deep domain expertise in Aerospace & Defence, Government Contracting, Advanced Projects and Engineer to Order focused companies.




Cincom Priority

Cincom Priority
Priority from Cincom is a comprehensive, agile ERP system ideal for small- to medium-size businesses. Priority’s customisable and collaborative tools have enabled over 8000 organisations globally to effectively monitor and improve performance across departments, enhance productivity, become more agile and increase ROI.

Priority believes that ERP should be easy and is committed to developing products that are:

  • easier to implement
  • easier to customise
  • easier to integrate
  • easier to use than any other comparable system on the market today

Priority offers all solutions as on premise and cloud, both with 100% system functionality. 1,500 customers currently use Priority in the cloud and enjoy secure and risk-free mobility. Operating Priority in the cloud is ideal for the growing business as the system is highly scalable and cost effective.

More reasons why customers choose Cincom’s Priority:

  • Local professional services team with exceptional client service track record
  • Increase ROI with low total cost of ownership and improved profitability
  • Develop customised applications with toolkits to help you build what you need to succeed
  • Monitor orgnisational performance with business intelligence tools and other analytical functionality

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Cincom has ERP and CRM exhibits across both the New Zealand and Australian pavilions.
ERP Australia | ERP New Zealand  


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