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FinancialForce is the leading cloud ERP for the new services economy on the Salesforce platform. FinancialForce unifies data across the enterprise in real-time, enabling companies to rapidly evolve their business models with customers at the center. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, FinancialForce is backed by Salesforce Ventures, Technology Crossover Ventures, Advent International, and UNIT4.

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FinancialForce the #1 ERP on the Salesforce Platform

FinancialForce ERP

Unlike traditional on-premises based ERP apps which were focused on transaction processing and were silo or department oriented, our apps are built around a customer and are designed to engage employees. This comes from the fact that FinancialForce ERP is built from the ground up as a system of engagement on the Salesforce1 Platform. FinancialForce ERP is unique because it combines systems of engagement and the systems of record on one cloud platform so companies can benefit from having one cloud to run their whole business from CRM to ERP.

Financial management

Cloud financial management (FM) software
Streamline, simplify and automate your financial operations. Measure the profitability of anything while knowing everything about your customers.

  • Financial Reporting: Tools and templates to generate financial statements — enabling you to do real-time financial analysis, insightful modeling and actionable analytics with the best cloud accounting.
  • Make profitability everyone’s business: ViewThru sub analyzer codes transform Salesforce objects to become part of your General Ledger and surface the data across the business.
  • Automate revenue recognition and forecasting: Get a complete picture of your organisation’s revenue. Automate complex recognition calculations, eliminate error-prone and time-intensive spreadsheets, and adhere to ever-evolving revenue recognition standards.

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Services Automation

Services automation
Cloud Professional Services Automation (PSA) gives you the visibility and power to drive revenue growth, improve margins and deliver on your promises.

Cloud Professional Services Automation Solutions:

  • Resource Management
  • Talent Management
  • Sales Engagement
  • Mobility & Collaboration
  • Professional Services Communities
  • Project Management
  • Time & Expense Management
  • Project Financials
  • Billing & Revenue Recognition
  • Reporting & Dashboards
  • A window to connect your resources and projects: See who is working where and when. Edit schedules by the day, week or month with a click. Resolve staffing situations before they become problems. Resource and project planners make managing a breeze.
  • Connect Sales and Services for better resource management and customer satisfaction: Get deep visibility into your sales pipeline and be ready with the right resources.
  • Experience enterprise class scalability: FinancialForce Professional Services Automation Software (PSA) helps hundreds of professional services businesses worldwide increase profits and delight customers.

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FinancialForce resource manangement

Resource management
Forecast, plan and manage resources more effectively.

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Where a 1-2 percent improvement in resource utilisation overall is the difference between hitting or missing your KPIs, resource management is critical — and complex. Get the visibility and tools you need to adjust your operating levers and move the needle on resource utilisation.

  • Optimize resource management with sales collaboration: End communication bottlenecks. Ensure you can absolutely deliver what you sell today and anticipate what you need to do the same tomorrow.
  • Plan confidently with facts, not guesses: Match projects to resources with the right skills at the right time. Understand all aspects of a resource schedule — project time, PTO, non-billable time — to optimize staffing.
  • Reduce time spent on the bench: Stop stop relying on spreadsheets and guessing. Monitor capacity, backlog and availability across projects and schedule resources.

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Billing Central
Billing central
When all your apps are built on one platform, your teams are more nimble, your services are better, and you remove the cost of synchronizing transactions.

  • Centralise subscription and usage billing: Products, subscriptions and usage-based models each have unique billing structures. Configure the pricing and contract terms from one screen. Manage it all in one integrated process.
  • Full visibility from opp to renewal: Now everyone has the information they need to manage the customer relationship. Analyze customer data at any stage, make informed decisions
  • One billing center for the front and back office: Financial Billing Central instantly connects to Salesforce CRM and any app in the FinancialForce ERP suite. Unify your billing, revenue recognition and accounting operations enterprise-wide. Build processes that delight customers.
  • Report on everything, drill into the data: One unified system makes powerful real time insights and analytics possible. Get comprehensive reports, dashboards and drill down capabilities. See across the entire business and make decisions based on data.

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Address:  2/156 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone(s): +61 2 9006 1351

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FinancialForce has ERP exhibits in both the Australian and New Zealand pavilions.


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