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Jiwa ERP is an Australian owned and operated company delivering efficient inventory control and distribution management software for a range of industries across the globe.

Jiwa’s strength is primarily based around inventory and doing things to inventory, such as importing, warehousing, assembling, manufacturing, scheduling, job costing and back orders. Jiwa customers run wholesale, distribution, manufacturing and jobbing businesses.

If affordability, feature-richness and stability are what you’re looking for in a business and financial management solution, the Jiwa ERP system is well worth considering.

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ERP Software for importers, wholesalers and distributors
Perfect for businesses with up to 100 employees, Jiwa 7 is an all-in-one solution that will take your company to the next level. Jiwa 7 is based on Microsoft SQL and covers accounting, inventory, warehousing, reporting and much, much more. The ERP system is completely scalable, fully integrated and can be easily tailored to meet the individual needs of your business.

Jiwa is a fully integrated financial management solution that enables fast month-end reporting so that you know where you are at the end of each month. You don’t need to stop processing or do any special month-end functions that can’t be done while everything else continues on.

The Jiwa system enables you to leverage the power of technology, through a rich and proven feature set to give you control and productivity improvement to your people. With Jiwa 7 you can get stuck into growing your business knowing the ERP Solution will grow with you.

You can keep your inventory levels where you need them, and improve your ability to manage the business. You can do this because you get great visibility of your business data, so you will know what is going on.

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Business role solutions
Designed to support you in your role
Each role has a unique viewpoint on what does or doesn’t work within your existing systems. Jiwa software is designed to benefit and support you in your role and increase your business success. We strive to deliver a system that meets the needs of business at multiple levels, so you can have the detail you need to measure and achieve your targets.

See how Jiwa can benefit you…

+ For CEO

Know what’s going on within your business

Knowledge is essential to business growth and you need the certainty of accurate, reliable business data.

It’s critical to quickly identify what works best in your organisation, what doesn’t work and why.

A good enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provides the information you need to create realistic, achievable and successful strategies. It can deliver insights into company performance versus target metrics and industry standards or provide analysis of departmental and warehouse efficiencies. It arms managers and staff with knowledge so that they can perform their jobs efficiently and effectively.

+ For the general manager

Don’t get stuck in a rut

Business responsiveness, speed and agility are essential traits in the current business environment.

If a business wants to be agile, it needs people, processes and systems to match.

Jiwa is a comprehensive, integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system built using the latest Microsoft technologies. The flexible software evolves with your business, facilitating rather than hindering change. Jiwa supports agility with:

  • Fast customisation of functionality
  • Easy tailoring of forms and screens based on staff roles
  • Ad hoc and customisable reporting on any aspect of the business
  • Rapid integration with new applications and systems
  • Industry-specific functionality
  • Multi-company functionality for fast integration of new business assets or acquisitions
  • Familiar Windows look and feel that aids productivity and minimises training
  • Fast customisation of functionality
  • Easy tailoring of forms and screens based on staff roles
  • Ad hoc and customisable reporting on any aspect of the business
  • Rapid integration with new applications and systems
  • Industry-specific functionality
  • Multi-company functionality for fast integration of new business assets or acquisitions
  • Familiar Windows look and feel that aids productivity and minimises training

For nearly two decades Jiwa has been providing agile, reliable and robust software that helps companies to evolve, grow and successfully navigate change.

+ For the CIO

Keeping IT costs under control

Out-of-date software and systems that no longer reflect the way your business works can impede business growth and may impose unnecessary IT costs on the organisation.

Jiwa is an adaptable, integrated business solution built using the latest Microsoft technologies. The intuitive software helps control IT costs by:

  • Incorporating a familiar look and feel that speeds user time to productivity and minimises training
  • Integrating with common office productivity applications and leading corporate systems to make the most of your existing IT infrastructure
  • Providing self-service functionality and reporting that reduces IT support demands
  • Sharing information across systems and processes, removing the need for duplicate data entry

Jiwa can be supported and operated with readily available IT skills. What’s more, it’s backed by Jiwa’s Australian team of experienced business and IT experts.

+ For the CFO

Getting the numbers right

Failure to be accountable can cost a company dearly and the penalty is not always a matter of money. It can damage a business reputation or affect customer and supplier relationships.

The problem for most organisations is that regulations change and the scope of data that needs to be captured seems to grow every year.

This is where an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution can help. Jiwa is an integrated software suite that eases compliance by:

  • Capturing data and decisions to create audit trails of activity
  • Providing ad hoc and customisable reports on any aspect of the business
  • Highlighting business risks and variations from expected parameters
  • Introducing workflows that ensure every step of a process is completed and approved or authorised as necessary
  • Introducing another layer of data security to protect critical or confidential information
  • Offering full track-and-trace functionality, enabling any ingredient, input or item to be located readily

Jiwa provides the tools that will help you minimise risk and ensure good corporate governance without slowing your business down.

+ For directors and investors

Managing mergers, acquisitions and growth

No matter how it happens, growth brings new business challenges and, like any changes, these need to be managed.

Robust, extensible and flexible business systems such as Jiwa can help you to take control of your business growth, maximising opportunities without taking your eye off existing activity.

Jiwa enables businesses to:

  • Integrate acquisitions quickly by integrating new applications and legacy systems, rapidly providing a single view of the organisation
  • Forecast and plan for the future
  • Analyse the impact of strategies including mergers and acquisitions
  • Understand capacity potential and possible growth constraints
  • Adapt to changes in demand or market trends rapidly
  • Harness multiple communications and sales channels including phone, fax, email and web
  • Develop better customer relationships by being more responsive to individual customer needs

With Jiwa you’ll have a solid foundation upon which to plan for, prepare and act on growth opportunities.

+ For the operations manager

Keeping people and processes productive

Finding the right people is only part of the problem. You then need to equip them with the right tools so that they can perform their duties to the best of their ability. They need processes that support and guide them, and communications tools to create connections and encourage collaboration with customers, suppliers and fellow employees.

The best results come from systems that draw together people, processes and information from across the business.

The Jiwa integrated solution facilitates business connections, communication and collaboration through:

  • Easy sharing of information across multiple systems, removing the need for duplicate data entry
  • Automation of tasks, reducing the potential for manual errors
  • Workflows to guide and connect staff as they work through everyday processes
  • Targeted, relevant information through tailored role-based system views
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive interface that minimises training requirements
  • Integration with familiar office technologies such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook
  • Fast access to information and easy reporting

Jiwa also makes it easy for: field reps to access customer data while out on the road; for executives to view performance metrics from anywhere in the world; and to share production or project data with partners up and down the supply chain.

Industry solutions
We’ve put together a collation of industries, so you can see how Jiwa software is benefiting others running businesses similar to yours.

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Jiwa 7 in the Cloud
Jiwa 7 runs equally as well in the Cloud or on premise. We can recommend hosting companies who can provide the security and up-time you require to host Jiwa 7 off your premises so that you can access your data from your offices or from anywhere in the world.

Jiwa Solution Providers
The Jiwa ERP solution is sold, implemented and supported through a strong and loyal channel of market leading technology companies around Australian and New Zealand.

Jiwa Solution Providers (JSP’s) are very experienced in delivering clear benefits to business. They have expert knowledge in technology, accounting and the business workflows required for success.

JSP’s are located in all major centres across Australia and New Zealand, and in many regional cities. They are accounting and technology qualified and attend regular training programs to ensure skills are up-to-date in this constantly evolving market.

Most importantly, Jiwa Solution Providers and Jiwa users are strongly supported by the owners and developers of Jiwa. The close relationship ensures business needs are clearly communicated so that Jiwa can be constantly upgraded to satisfy the evolving demands of modern business.

By using Jiwa, you are choosing to be part of a solid and successful business partnership, now, and for many years to come.

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T: +61 2 9409 0700
T: 1800 00 JIWA (1800 00 5492)
W: www.jiwa.com.au/contact-us


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