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Today, approximately 24,000 companies and subsidiaries depend on NetSuite to run complex, mission-critical business processes globally in the cloud. Since its inception in 1998, NetSuite has established itself as the leading provider of enterprise-class cloud financials/ERP, CRM and omnichannel suites for mid-sized organisations, large enterprises and divisions of large enterprises seeking to upgrade their antiquated client/server ERP and other systems.

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NetSuite Inc. is a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software suites. NetSuite enables companies to manage core key business operations in a single system, which includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Ecommerce. NetSuite’s “real-time dashboard” technology provides an easy-to-use view into up-to-date, role-specific business information.


SuiteCommerce allows organisations to seamlessly connect every step of a multi-channel, multi-location business—from ecommerce, POS and order management to merchandising, marketing, inventory, ERP/financials and customer service.

Next Generation Commerce

NetSuite SuiteCommerce was built with the idea that ecommerce is no longer a stand-alone channel but part of the core business element. SuiteCommerce allows organisations to move from siloed online, in-store and phone shopping channels to an integrated commerce solution that seamlessly integrates ecommerce and in-store POS to order management, inventory, merchandising, marketing, ERP/financials and customer service.

Support the needs of both B2C and B2B ecommerce from a single cloud platform. Unlimited flexibility provides B2C sites to deliver the engaging and personalised experiences consumers expect, while B2B sites can offer a rich B2C-like customer experience with added functionality to support the individual needs of business users.


Offer a superior in-store experience while streamlining the transaction process with a modern POS that allows you to accommodate omnichannel expectations and build customer loyalty. Empower sales associates with a 360 degree view of the customer and enterprise-wide real-time inventory visibility.


When email marketing is used as a part of your commerce marketing strategy, it’s a revenue-generating powerhouse. The Bronto Marketing Platform uses data, such as carts, orders and product details to create automated, personalized post-purchase campaigns, abandoned cart campaigns, loyalty programs, cross- and up-sells, and more. And studies show that consumers purchase and engage more when they receive this kind of consistent, coordinated and personalized messaging. Bronto enables the delivery of timely, relevant, data-driven digital marketing that fuels engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.


Consolidate and centrally manage both structured and unstructured product data and attributes across all sales channels from a single source of truth. NetSuite integrates product data across all systems and processes – rather than just collecting product information from siloed product information management (PIM) or product content management (PCM) systems. By leveraging product data in a uniform manner across all channels, you can quickly and easily enhance customer experiences while increasing the agility and efficiency of your business operations.


In today’s commerce environment, order fulfillment excellence differentiates your business, creating loyal customers who buy more and become brand advocates. NetSuite Order Management provides the capabilities to meet and exceed rising customer expectations for omnichannel fulfillment while boosting profitability and enabling you to effectively scale your business. As a native piece of the SuiteCommerce platform, NetSuite Order Management easily integrates your commerce system with order management and financials. It delivers the ultimate omnichannel customer experience – allowing shoppers to buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere.


It’s nearly impossible to gain a full understanding of your customers’ interactions and preferences when your customer, order and inventory data is stored in separate, channel-specific silos. With NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) running as an integral part of your commerce platform, you get unprecedented visibility into your customers’ browsing and shopping activities. NetSuite CRM provides a 360-degree view of each customer from all channels and touchpoints, allowing you to deliver personalized and consistent service, provide a relevant, engaging shopping experience and build customer loyalty with your brand.


Why NetSuite?

Built-in Flexibility
As your business changes, you can change your business system. Scale up, spin off, adopt new business models, NetSuite’s flexibility lets you do it all, quickly and easily. Meanwhile, version-lock is a thing of the past. With every NetSuite upgrade, your configurations and customisation migrate seamlessly. Imagine that.

Business Intelligence for Free and for All
Real-time analytics is the NetSuite user interface. Users know what they should be doing and how they’re helping the business, with easily accessible reports and key performance indicators. Vital business data is analysed and displayed from right within the system.

Commerce-Ready ERP
Your core business system now becomes your customer-facing commerce system with a customisable, customer-specific, pixel perfect experience.

Designed for a Modern Company
Cloud-based, mobile-enabled and social, NetSuite frees the modern business from antiquated PC-based, anti-social systems locked behind the firewall.

NetSuite Product Overview

ERP | CRM | Ecommerce | PSA
One business software system connecting financials/ERP, customers and commerce

Get Accounting / ERP, CRM and ecommerce in a single, fully integrated SaaS software solution that connects a business across finance, sales, service and fulfilment.
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NetSuite OneWorld
Global business management software suite for ERP, CRM, ecommerce and PSA

Seamlessly handles multiple currencies, taxation rules and reporting requirements across multiple geographies and subsidiaries, providing real-time global business management and financial consolidation in a unified, single cloud-based platform.
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NetSuite CRM+
Grow Your Business with Customer-centric CRM Software in the Cloud

NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is the only cloud system that provides a real-time 360-degree view of your customer. NetSuite CRM software delivers a seamless flow of information across the whole customer lifecycle from lead through to opportunity, sales order, fulfilment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell, and support, all in one complete cloud CRM system.
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Level 1, 1 Queens Rd
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P: 1800 638 784

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