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NOW Consulting

NOW Consulting turns data into insights you can action.

We are experts in all things data – from information strategy, data integration and big data to visualisation and analytics.

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We also partner with leading technology providers and software solutions to provide a complete offering from data acquisition to information you can act on.

We have world-leading skills in Wherescape Red, the NZ-made data warehouse automation solution that has transformed data management operations the world over.

We helped build Red, and we have implemented and supported the product in projects globally. Along the way, we have learned expert skills that make the difference between success and failure in data analytics projects.

NOW Consulting brings all of this experience to deliver value for all clients, from global conglomerates to local enterprises.

What makes us different? Our focus on possibilities, processes, and people.

The Possible
Our team is driven by the art of the possible, going above and beyond to discover the potential of your data. We’ll open your eyes to what can be achieved, and take action to make it happen.

The Process
We’re pragmatic, outcome-focused people who want you to see results in the short term. We take real ownership of your outcomes with a focus on rapid delivery, agile thinking and proving value.

The People
Our culture is the driving force behind both our success and your results. We believe that great expertise must be delivered with character and integrity, and our staff are empowered to put our customers first.

The Technology
NOW Consulting has partnered with the leading technology providers in the data and analytics space.

Our selection of technology on any project is based on what will deliver the fastest time to value for our clients.

We enjoy strong technology and licensing partnerships with leading vendors in the data analytics field such as Microsoft, Cloudera, MapR, Qlik and Tableau.

The Expertise
1.     Analytics and visualisation
Ready to kick start your capabilities? 
Data analysis helps businesses turn data into insights and make better business decisions faster. However, effective analytics requires a blend of people, processes and technology – as well as knowledge of how one affects the other.

We can get you on the right path and keep you there – even as the market continues to move and change. We have access to some of the world’s leading experts in data and analytics, and we leverage that every day in our work.

We’ll help you understand what’s possible – and then we’ll help you make it happen.

2.     Big data
Keen to gain a competitive edge?
Through the use of big data technologies we turn data into insights, ultimately helping our clients make better business decisions. By taking advantage of all of your data sources – not just the traditional ones – we’ll show you where your potential lies.

The market’s moving fast, but with our help you’ll be able to navigate the changing data landscape. Big changes also mean big possibilities – and with our big data skills and knowledge, you can take advantage of them.

3.     Data integration
Are you hearing what your data is telling you?

To use data effectively, it’s vital to make decisions based on facts – not feelings. It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. With large amounts of data coming from lots of different places in a variety of different formats, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction.

Data integration delivers information smoothly through a single source of truth that’s simple to analyse and a valuable tool to aid your business decisions. Data is typically a company’s most precious resource. Let us help you refine and use it to your best advantage.

4.     Information strategy
Are your technology goals servicing your business goals?
Information and analytics are the strongest competitive tools in most companies – but only if they’re used effectively.

A cohesive information strategy unites people, processes, and technologies with your organisation’s vision and values. We pride ourselves on creating strategies that can change with the times and deliver incremental returns while moving towards key goals.

We’ll start by developing an effective understanding of the information assets in your organisation, and then focus on using these to rapidly deliver measurable value. If you’re keen to empower strong decision-making and decisive action within your organisation, talk to us today.

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Address: AKL: 12-16 Tapora Street, Quay Park, Auckland; WGTN: Level 3 Aviation House, 12 Johnston St, Wellington
Telephone(s): AKL: +64 9 358 8521 or WGTN: +64 27 433 6463


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