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Transform your back office to keep you in front
Oracle’s modern ERP Cloud solutions provide world class capabilities that translate into competitive advantage for customers. Access the latest in social, mobile and analytical technologies, presented through a modern user interface, to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and provide greater business insight. Which in turn enables business innovation. Twice yearly ERP Cloud releases deliver innovative capabilities, meaning associated business benefits can be realised quickly. Oracle’s enterprise grade ERP Cloud solutions incorporate best practices, providing a platform for growth for both mid-size and large enterprises. The complete and integrated Oracle ERP Cloud solutions suite addresses financials, planning and budgeting, procurement, sourcing, inventory and project management business requirements.

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Are Legacy ERP Systems holding you back?
The business world is changing, and so is the role of finance. With the arrival of big data, analytics, mobile networking and social media, enterprises- no matter how big or small – have to adapt in the face of significant digital disruption. How ready is your finance department to be able to keep up, and compete, in this new world? Can you build for the business of tomorrow with tools from the past? Companies using legacy ERP systems will be familiar with growing pain:

  • Lack of information needed for good decision-making
  • Inflexible systems that inhibit agility, innovation and the ability to meet the demands of your business
  • Loss of employee morale as users struggle with screens and processes that make their jobs harder, not easier
  • Large upfront investments and slow returns tied to lengthy upgrades
  • Escalating maintenance costs and high-cost customisations to align the system to changing business needs

ERP Cloud Solutions for Growth
Legacy ERP systems are often highly customised, dependant on extensive IT support and require lengthy upgrades and large capital outlays. From an operational perspective, this often results in an inability to move quickly. SaaS ERP gives you flexibility and choice. An Oracle ERP Cloud solution provides both a platform for growth and the agility required to prosper in increasingly competitive markets. Choose an ERP strategy that is right for you and deploy specific ERP services that address your business requirements and growth plans.

ERP Innovation
Oracle ERP Cloud delivers a new user experience with features and innovations built in such as collaboration, contextual business intelligence, role-based dashboards and mobile applications. Real-time reporting increases the effectiveness of decision making and drives innovation. The latest user friendly mobile and social collaboration capabilities, as well as analytics and dashboards, help provide collaborative, pro-active and improved insights.

The Need for Speed and Mitigation of Risk
Organisations increasingly want to implement ERP Cloud solutions quickly, gain a fast return on their investment and then expand out their Cloud footprint. In addition organisations want to mitigate risk and maintain the necessary controls required to manage both a growing business and changing regulations. With Oracle’s broad and integrated ERP Cloud solutions, significant investment in its partner community and Oracle Consulting, customers are implementing quickly and successfully and achieving a fast ROI. Oracle customers are also safe in the knowledge that Oracle has the ability to continue investing in its solutions and innovative capabilities, its partners and internal resources, to provide the highest levels of Cloud security in the marketplace and the necessary controls required to mitigate risk. In addition Oracle provides the financial flexibility and predictable costs that go along with Software as a Service (SaaS).

Build and Extend
Oracle customers can add functionality as their business needs evolve, including Financials, Accounting Hub, Project Management, Revenue Management, Project Financial Management and Procurement. Oracle Cloud ERP enables organisations to respond and adapt quickly, simply and with the security of data protection at every level.

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