Road transport ransomware attack

To pay or not to pay…the ransomware cost

June 25, 2018 | Heather Wright
Road Transport Forum fesses up to paying up after ransomware attack... read more...

Tectonic shifts in Aussie telco market

June 22, 2018 | Pat Pilcher
'Radical, bold' reset sees Telstra slash 8,000 jobs...
Drones for farming sector_MYOB

Rural sector eyes robotics and drones for productivity

June 22, 2018 | Heather Wright
As long they can get some connectivity first…
Microsoft Partner awards 2018

Microsoft partners celebrate customer success

June 22, 2018 | Heather Wright
Intergen leads new focus on customers for restructured Awards ceremony… read more...
Google Maps Metlink treasure hunt

Google Maps API change hits company pockets

June 21, 2018 | Heather Wright
3,000 percent cost increases reported…

Kiwi TechLeaders ‘digital principles’ a beginner’s guide

June 21, 2018 | Heather Wright
Digital leaders post advisory to laggers to address growing divide… read more...
Spark embraces Agile

Spark NZ stands behind Agile

June 21, 2018 | Pat Pilcher
Agile delivers results, and excuses, for Spark moves – and now Telstra's following Spark's lead... read more...
Spark RWC 2019_Optus World Cup

Is Optus World Cup SNAFU a sign of things to come for RWC 2019?

June 20, 2018 | Pat Pilcher
Spark, and TVNZ, should be taking note of the Optus World Cup debacle... read more...
Gartner AI_ML legal issues

Legal issues likely to dampen AI/ML uptake

June 20, 2018 | Heather Wright
When machines are making the decisions, they’re not always black and white... read more...
Aussie govt ban Huawei_5G contracts

Huawei’s Aussie 5G ban

June 18, 2018 | Pat Pilcher
US intelligence agencies add to Chinese tech giant’s conspiracy theories… read more...
Callaghan Innovation phased out

R&D funding, 2018: Goodbye Callaghan, hello tax credits

June 15, 2018 | Jonathan Cotton
Will the government's decision to abandon R&D grants kill NZ’s startup tech sector?... read more...
NZ CIO of the Year 2018 Avi Golan Air NZ

2018 CIO Awards winners revealed

June 14, 2018 | Newsdesk
The winners have been announced at a glittering gala dinner, recognising leadership, innovation and foresight in New Zealand ICT and business... read more...
iot farming revolution_Juiper

IoT at the edge: 50b devices to connect by 2022

June 14, 2018 | Newsdesk
Get ready to connect that fridge - and factory and farm - to the internet, because the IoT revolution is here... read more...
Gartner middleware AIM survey

Gartner: NZ middleware market grows strongly on APIs

June 14, 2018 | Pat Pilcher
Cloud applications driving uptake of integration management solutions…
Microsoft underwater server_Natick project

Data centres under water? Project Natick goes deep

June 13, 2018 | Pat Pilcher
Data centres are the unsung heroes of our age. Every time we use cloud apps or utter “OK Google” a data centre is doing all the legwork... read more...
Productivity paradox_McKinsey report

Digital reinvention, business and the productivity paradox

June 12, 2018 | Newsdesk
While the digital revolution can indeed improve productivity, we’re not there yet suggests new research from McKinsey... read more...
Amazon Australia

Amazon pokes the Koala

June 8, 2018 | Pat Pilcher
Amazon takes exception to Aussie tax changes, are Kiwis next?... read more...

Kogan to enter the NZ mobile market

June 8, 2018 | Pat Pilcher
Will the Aussie e-commerce disruptor deliver cheaper mobile?
Microsoft Partner awards 2018

Finalists announced for Microsoft NZ Partner Awards

June 8, 2018 | Newsdesk
This year’s awards are more focused than usual, with the number of categories cut down from 26 to just eleven... read more...
Mary Meeker internet report

Top 4 takeaways from the Mary Meeker internet report

June 7, 2018 | Jonathan Cotton
It’s Silicon Valley’s favourite slide deck, but at a whopping 294 slides, Mary Meeker’s 2018 Trend Report is well and truly death by Powerpoint. But despair not: we’ve separated the wheat from the chaff on your behalf... read more...

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