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The proliferation of social media has defined the digital age, and has also created many options for businesses to engage with consumers via the internet, either through compelling content or through deliberate paid advertising.

For most companies, digital marketing starts with their own website and tailoring content, blogs, news and announcements that appeal to their audience, or specifically include the key search terms relevant for their customers and prospects.

Digital marketing is also accompanied by an incredible ability to report on and analyse behaviour through various channels. Metrics such as social shares and likes have joined click throughs and page views to measure the success of online campaigns.

This capability has spawned a huge range of tools to both advertise and track digital campaigns, and these are often integrated into CRM packages or into Sales and Marketing Automation systems.


Amazon digital advertising crisis

Is digital marketing in crisis?

nz-feature-article |November 29, 2018 | Jonathan Cotton
Facebook and Google, Google and Facebook. What lies beyond the digital marketing duopoly?..
Google Search

Improving Search for the next 20 years

nz-opinion-article |September 26, 2018 | Ben Gomes
Google celebrated its 20th birthday this year with the company outlining its AI and neural Search plans...
Banking chatbot

How chatbots are revolutionising marketing

nz-opinion-article |February 7, 2018 | Aaron Everingham
Chatbots are making an impact on multiple industries, including marketing. Aaron Everingham explains how…
Chatbots_Unit 4_Ussher

Good bot, bad bot: find the attributes that please

nz-opinion-article |October 17, 2017 | Dan Ussher
As the hype around bots builds to a crescendo, Dan Ussher, Unit4 ANZ Sales Director, ponders good and evil, bad and better…
Office messaging tools

Attention Slackers: Don’t expect privacy around the digital watercooler

nz-feature-article |July 27, 2017 | Jonathan Cotton
Report charts rise of office messaging tools, reveals troubling privacy assumptions…
Visualisation_Help desks

Tech support demonstrates that visualisation rules

nz-opinion-article |June 23, 2017 | Dr. Paul Duignan
Strategy visualisation specialist Paul Duignan finds it hard to take when people don’t get it…

Whitepaper: Ecommerce Conversion Killers

nz-research-articles |March 10, 2017 | Sharron Martin
This research paper identifies the six culprits that result in high bounce rates and abandoned shopping carts on ecommerce websites...
email killing productivity

Is email killing corporate productivity?

nz-opinion-article |September 25, 2015 | David Oakley
The daily grind is draining more than our morale - it’s also killing corporate productivity and email is the culprit, writes David Oakley...

Building blocks: The case for a modular approach to technology services

nz-feature-article |June 16, 2015 | Donovan Jackson
The free availability of an almost infinite range of services on the internet means entrepreneurs can create powerhouses by pulling together composites to fuel their business goals, as Donovan Jackson discovers 
Listen and learn

Listen, learn and soar: Big data and the modern marketer

nz-feature-article |June 11, 2015 | Clare Coulson
Marketing used to be a one-way conversation but new technologies have given the customer a voice and shifted the balance of power in their favour. Clare Coulson takes a look at the rise of the relevant customer experience... [View as PDF]

Seven UI/UX principles to help create a fresh experience

nz-opinion-article |January 28, 2015 | Jeff Dance
Subject matter expert Jeff Dance gives his top tips on designing a website that will get your users doing what you want...
Fast fibre road

Follow the fast fibre road

nz-opinion-article |January 28, 2015 | Paul Budde
The internet of things may feel like it only uses wireless technology but in reality it relies on big pipes and banks of servers. Paul Budde explores what we need to do in order to arrive at the smart cities of the future...
Digital brain

Why IT must start with the digital human

nz-opinion-article |January 28, 2015 | Peter Sondergaard
Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president and global head of research at Gartner, told more than 8500 CIOs and IT leaders that they must now design, resource and deploy for a world that’s digital-first...
customer convenience

Why customer convenience trumps experience

nz-opinion-article |December 3, 2014 | Gerry McGovern
Usability expert Gerry McGovern says we should focus our online efforts on customer convenience and effort, not experience or satisfaction...
Zeald website

Q&A: How to get your website mobile-ready

nz-opinion-article |June 11, 2014 | Zeald
Your prospective customers are already using mobile devices to search for the things that you sell. Is your door open when they come knocking? Or is your website a member of mobilus horribilus? iStart spoke to the web design experts at Zeald about what it takes to build websites that adapt to the users’ choice of screen...
Modern marketers guide

A modern marketer’s guide to technology

nz-feature-article |June 11, 2014 | Clare Coulson
The arrival of new technologies has opened opportunities for marketing, but taking advantage of them requires a significant shift in modus operandi. Clare Coulson asked industry thought leaders how businesses should behave and where technology fits...[View as PDF]

Don’t be a twit: tweet

nz-opinion-article |June 10, 2014 | Paul Brislen
Paul Brislen describes the moment Twitter started making sense and why he tries not to deal with companies that don’t tweet...

Getting rid of website bloat

nz-opinion-article |April 11, 2014 | Gerry McGovern
Customer engagement specialist Gerry McGovern explains why the traditional distributed model of website management was a failure and what you should do instead...

People think ‘products’ when trying to solve problems online

nz-opinion-article |February 25, 2014 | Gerry McGovern
Many customers think first about the product they have; even when they are looking for support for that product. Organisations can use this to their advantage when designing user-friendly websites, says Gerry McGovern...

What content farms teach us about content

nz-opinion-article |January 16, 2014 | Gerry McGovern
Gerry McGovern says that on the web, content is the enabler...

Does marketing automation deliver on promises?

nz-feature-article |September 19, 2013 | Anthony Doesburg
As the lines between marketing, sales and service blur ‘smarketing’ is the way forward. Anthony Doesburg investigates this blend of sales and marketing and asks if the tools are delivering on their promise, or are they just more marketing puffery?... [View as PDF]

2013 iStart ICT Investment Intentions Survey

nz-research-articles |September 9, 2013 | Hayden McCall
Mobilising management is the key objective of IT investment plans for 2013 says iStart's annual investment survey. The mid-market is investing in mobile business intelligence while small business is doing more with less in the cloud.

The problem with silos on the web

nz-opinion-article |July 17, 2013 | Gerry McGovern
No link is an island says Gerry McGovern who says there are no silos on the web...
Social media buttons

Understanding social top tasks: what Cisco learnt

nz-opinion-article |June 18, 2013 | Gerry McGovern
Gerry McGovern is a name you will recognise as a regular contributor to iStart. Here he shares the story of an exercise he did with Cisco on why people used their social media pages across a number of platforms...
social media explained

Does social media suck for B2B?

nz-feature-article |June 18, 2013 | Clare Coulson
In the last few years every business has jumped on the social media bandwagon. It has fragmented marketing budgets and sucked up time and money, but to what end? Clare Coulson set out to get an idea if every business really needs to engage and reports back social-media style...[View as PDF]
social media explained

Six reasons to use LinkedIn for B2B

nz-feature-article |June 18, 2013 | iStart
Earlier this year LinkedIn broke through the 200 million member barrier and is continuing to grow by two new members per second...[View as PDF]

Quality search requires quality people not just algorithms

nz-opinion-article |March 28, 2013 | Gerry McGovern
On its own, search technology will not help us find the right things quickly. We need human expertise and human management...
Vaughan Rowsell

Point of Interest: Vaughan Rowsell founder of VEND

nz-feature-article |March 13, 2012 | Jonathan Cotton
How a Kiwi start-up is revolutionising the retail payment industry with a clever cloud-based POS alternative that’s rapidly going global...

How to build mobile apps – tips and pitfalls from the experts

nz-feature-article |May 10, 2011 | Belinda Simcox
The move from the desktop internet computing of the 90s to the new era of mobile internet is happening with unprecedented velocity - eight times as fast as the PC web was adopted...[View as PDF]

eBook: Trends in m-Commerce

nz-feature-article |September 10, 2010 | Belinda Simcox
The mobile phone is ubiquitous, personal and connected. that is why retailers, bankers and marketers want to use it for informing, enabling and transacting business. they are succeeding in global markets, but have been slower to make inroads locally. local m-commerce expert Belinda Simcox provides the insights you need to keep up with the play...[View as PDF]
Datum_Web results

Is your website content delivering you results?

nz-opinion-article |November 7, 2006 | Rob Williams
Imagine you're the owner of a successful car dealership but when your customers look at the cars listed on your website they notice that the cars are a month or so old or, even worse, they call you only to find out that that dream car they were looking at sold a week ago?...




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