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Insight Software provides Business Intelligence and Reporting solutions to over 14,000 Companies in 89 Countries.

Jet Reports is an Excel-based reporting solution which allows business users to create, run and schedule their own reports.

Jet Analytics is a complete business intelligence solution that includes a pre-built Data Warehouse and Cubes for Microsoft ERP systems. Jet Analytics has the capability to modify and create your own BI solution based on the Microsoft BI stack.

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Insight Software offers a Suite of products for Business Intelligence, ETL, Reporting, and Mobility

Insight Software provides robust, easy-to-use Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions that empower business users across the globe to make informed decisions. Our proven solutions are used by over 14,000 companies worldwide and customers can tailor their Jet Reports Solution to meet Business Needs and Budget.

Why do over 100,000 users prefer Jet Reports Solutions?
Instant Success – Report Libraries, Pre-built Cubes, Quick Installation
Reduce the technical skills necessary – to create Reports and Dashboards
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Comprehensive Solutions – for the Microsoft Dynamics platform and integrated into the Microsoft Stack

Jet Reports Analytics

Jet Analytics is a complete BI and reporting solution. At the core of this solution is the Jet Data Manager which is a world-class ETL tool for designing and automating Datawarehouse and Cubes over the Microsoft BI stack. Further to this are ready-build data warehouse/Cubes and reports for a number of ERP solutions including Microsoft Dynamics ERP (NAV, AX, and GP). The data warehouse and Cubes are easy to customize to meet unique company requirements. The intuitive interface allows users to modify the Datawarehouse and Cubes – without needing to know SQL, MDX or any other programming language.

Jet Analytics includes a user interface inside Excel which enables users throughout the organization to create, refresh and schedule reports. An unlimited number of data sources can be connected to Jet Analytics, including non-ERP data sources such as SQL, CRM,, Excel, and ODBC compliant databases.

Jet Analytics includes all of the Jet Reports functionality.

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Jet Reports

With Jet Reports, you create your report in Excel, refresh it in Excel and schedule to run and send as a static report; monthly, weekly, hourly, it’s up to you. And because it’s all in Excel, you can be up and running and producing your first report in 30 minutes or less. That’s why Insight Software is the number one choice for ad-hoc reporting used by more than 100,000 users in 94 countries across the globe. Isn’t it time you got smart reporting?

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Jet Reports Hub

The Jet Hub Takes your reports and dashboards portable. A Dashboard builder allows you to build your own dashboards and deploy them out to different endpoints such as an iPad, Smartphone, essentially anywhere with an internet connection.

Jet Budgets is held in the Jet Hub.

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Jet Reports budgets

Jet Budgets is a web-based solution for streamlining and controlling the budget creation and fiscal planning process. Whether you approach budgeting with the top-down, bottom-up, zero-based, or other methodology, Jet Budgets is built to adapt seamlessly and execute on what you need. Gain the flexibility to reassess and adjust budgets easily to meet your changing financial needs and create and review budgets for different operational areas as required.

Jet Budgets doesn’t just work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, and Business Central; it was MADE for them. We make the budgeting process straightforward and easy with no complicated or inflated tools because most small-to-mid-sized companies don’t even need them. Jet Budgets gives you value immediately, right out of the box.

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Any report. Any way. Right Now.

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Jet boost for Beef + Lamb finance

August 28, 2017 | The Analytics Company

For any business, accurate financial reporting provides the basis on which to make decisions and track performance over time…

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Jet-powered: The data-driven motor company

July 11, 2016 | Donovan Jackson

European Motor Distributors implements Jet Enterprise for operational intelligence…


Revenue boost for wholesale distributor Kinsey’s Archery

August 6, 2014 | The Analytics Company

A wholesale distributor of hunting and fishing equipment, Kinsey’s Archery has served thousands of customers for over 50 years…


UK cider house achieves real-time sales analysis

August 1, 2014 | The Analytics Company

Westons Cider, an award-winning cider producer based in Herefordshire, England, was searching for reporting flexibility and in-depth profitability analysis for their growing business…

amnesty international

Amnesty International embraces jet propelled reports

June 8, 2014 | The Analytics Company

Amnesty International was dealing with an outdated reporting system and needed to upgrade but the results went far beyond simple reporting…


Fly Buys jets in its financial reports in style

October 1, 2009 | The Analytics Company

When financial reporting at Fly Buys operator Loyalty New Zealand outgrew its spreadsheet it needed to be replaced – and Jet Reports provided the answer – and the payback…

meat export

Taylor Preston get jet-fuelled reporting

January 21, 2008 | The Analytics Company

For exporters, the ability to quickly extract accurate information from internal business systems almost always contributes to the bottom line…


Jet Reports slays the monster at Faber

May 17, 2007 | The Analytics Company

At window blinds manufacturer Faber a complex report they called ‘The Monster’ took the IT manager hours to generate. Now the process takes only a few minutes…



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