About iStart NZ
About iStart NZ
Welcome to iStart. Thanks for taking the time to explore. Since 2001 we’ve been showcasing the benefits to business of using better technology. We aim to inform, educate and motivate you on the use of software as a strategic asset in your business.


About iStart AustraliaWe do this by showing you how other companies are using IT solutions, investigating industry-specific technologies, tracking the latest research and keeping up with relevant business and IT news across the region and globally.We look at things from a business perspective, and use business language, not technical jargon nor sales and marketing puffery.

While we do look to the future, we also like to keep our tone real, relevant and actionable for business today.

About iStart NZ

We actively create and publish technology related news, research, opinion and thought leadership content through digital and social channels across Australia and New Zealand.


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Get in touch if you’ve got a tale or opinion to share – we love a good yarn.

About iStart NZ

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