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Mobility has become such a ubiqitous expectation from consumers and business executives alike that this category of solution needs some definition.

The following is sourced from Wikipedia:

Mobile Computing is “taking a computer and all necessary files and software out into the field”.[1] Mobile computing is any type of computing which use Internet or intranet and respective communications links, as WAN, LAN, WLAN etc. Mobile computers may form a wireless personal network or a piconet.

There are at least three different classes of mobile computing items:

  • portable computers, compacted lightweight units including a full character set keyboard and primarily intended as hosts for software such as laptops, notebooks, notepads, etc.
  • mobile phones including a restricted numeric key set primarily intended but not restricted to for vocal communications, as cell phones, smart phones, phonepads, etc.
  • wearable computers, mostly limited to functional keys and primarily intended as incorporation of software agents, as watches, wristbands, necklaces, keyless implants, etc.

Obviously, there are elements of mobility in every modern software solution.

We focus here on the more tightly defined fourth category applying to industrial usage of mobile computers or hand held devices. These are used to scan or capture transaction data at the point of movement through various stages in a supply chain process – usually this is in or around warehouse or distribution centre operations, but also in many other field settings.

Implementations encompass the hardware device layer, the communications layer (e.g. via 3G/4G GPRS, 802.11 Wi-Fi or RF signals), and the integration layer with legacy ERP or other systems.

Factors to consider include appropriate ruggedness of equipment versus ease of use, simplicity of application design to mirror physical processes, on- and off-line application behaviour, battery life and software/hardware support processes.


Infor_manufacturing wearables Nick Castellina

Wearables finding roles in manufacturing

opinion-article |June 7, 2019 | Nick Castellina

Use cases being driven by real time data and mobility to enhance insights…

Customer culture_Pivotal Software

If you think DX is about tech, you’re wrong

opinion-article |April 1, 2019 | Roz Gregory

Rethinking data, apps and staff choice…

How open source is driving the big data market

opinion-article |June 28, 2017 | Steve Singer

There is a clear split between legacy and next- generation approaches to software development, writes Steve Singer…

Society, change and challenge: Charting telecoms transformation

opinion-article |July 26, 2016 | Paul Budde

In a new report, respected industry analyst Paul Budde provides fascinating insights relevant to both sides of the Tasman…

The future calls for 2degrees

opinion-article |April 19, 2016 | Paul Budde

Amid speculation that Australian telco Vocus will soon acquire New Zealand’s 2degrees, telecoms analyst Paul Budde considers why 2degrees remains unprofitable and what its options are from here…

Defining the new generation of digital disruptors

opinion-article |August 27, 2015 | John Ascroft

In industries from finance to utilities, the same familiar forces are pushing companies into digital business transformation says John Ascroft from Jade Software…

Digital disruption: a millennial’s perspective

opinion-article |June 16, 2015 | Ben Kepes

Technology evangelist, commentator and investor Ben Kepes takes a fresh look at digital disruption through the eyes of his 15-year-old son Yonni Kepes…[View as PDF]

Follow the fast fibre road

opinion-article |January 28, 2015 | Paul Budde

The internet of things may feel like it only uses wireless technology but in reality it relies on big pipes and banks of servers. Paul Budde explores what we need to do in order to arrive at the smart cities of the future…

Why IT must start with the digital human

opinion-article |January 28, 2015 | Peter Sondergaard

Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president and global head of research at Gartner, told more than 8500 CIOs and IT leaders that they must now design, resource and deploy for a world that’s digital-first…

Apple watch

Apple Matters: Watches in this space

opinion-article |December 8, 2014 | Mark Webster

While the Apple Watch is not available for purchase over here yet, Mark Webster discusses the impact it might have and reviews three alternatives…

Mobile tools

Whitepaper: Enabling enterprise mobility through people-centric IT

research-articles |November 28, 2014 | Intergen

Multi-device workplaces are creating new challenges for IT, but by implementing a people-centric management approach businesses can satisfy both the needs of their users and their governance and security requirements…

What will ‘connected living’ look like?

research-articles |September 16, 2014 | Frost & Sullivan

Massive technology-led disruption across all industries globally, driven by the rapid proliferation of connected devices and services, is moving everyone and everything towards a state of ‘connected everything’…

How will we power the data economy?

opinion-article |August 29, 2014 | Paul Budde

Subject matter expert Paul Budde explains why building the right ICT infrastructure is of national importance to the region’s future success…

IoT how to

How to plug into the internet of things

feature-article |August 28, 2014 | Anthony Doesburg

Need to track your vehicles? Or monitor water? The internet of things delivers an extraordinary opportunity to connect and network all manner of things, but how?…

Has the spark gone out of the telco business?

feature-article |June 26, 2014 | Bill Bennett

Telcos are facing a swathe of new challenges from technological change, global over-the-top content providers and a new era of regulation and market intervention. Bill Bennett asks where is the telco business going?…


Whitepaper: The rise of mobile access to your ERP data

research-articles |January 27, 2014 | Epicor Software Corporation

Mobile users are increasingly demanding ease of access to ERP information to perform their jobs on any device at any time…

Appealing Apps: 10 of the best for business

feature-article |October 2, 2013 | Clare Coulson

With more than 1000 apps being submitted to the Apple App Store each day, not to mention those created for Android, the apposphere is a fast-changing environment…


Survey reveals retailers on the back foot

research-articles |September 11, 2013 | Clare Coulson

Motorola Retail Survey: Technology savvy shoppers know more about products than staff, forcing retailers to catch up.

2013 iStart ICT Investment Intentions Survey

research-articles |September 9, 2013 | Hayden McCall

Mobilising management is the key objective of IT investment plans for 2013 says iStart’s annual investment survey. The mid-market is investing in mobile business intelligence while small business is doing more with less in the cloud.

Considerations and best practices for BYOD

feature-article |June 11, 2013 | iStart

While not every organisation has a formal bring-your-own device program, every organisation should develop policies and processes regarding the use of personal devices for work. Citrix offers some best practices to consider when defining and implementing BYOD…

Telco update

Telco update: 2013 trends to watch

opinion-article |March 28, 2013 | Paul Brislen

It sounds like a date from the far-flung future – 2013 – but here it is, ready or not and Paul Brislen says the telco space will no doubt have a few surprises in the year ahead…

Mobile phone retail

Making BYOD a success in retail

opinion-article |January 7, 2013 | Mobico

Retail BYOD shifts the focus of the retail assistant from expertise to enablement, but will the customer journey suffer? Aldas Palubinskas discusses this up and coming trend…

Ditching the leather: mobile wallets here to stay?

feature-article |December 12, 2012 | Clare Coulson

We’ve been talking about digital wallets for years, but now they are actually here Clare Coulson takes a look at the payments landscape and asks if we will be putting away our wallets for good…

In-store retail in death spiral

feature-article |December 12, 2012 | David McNickel

Supply chain integration: As competition between online and in-store heats up, many organisations are evaluating technology to improve their customer journey – and finding in-store is delivering increased profits and productivity. David McNickel investigates…

Would you like an app with that?

feature-article |December 12, 2012 | Clare Coulson

If you’re in business then you gotta have an app, right? Well, maybe. Before you rush out and build your new mobile application you need to decide just how your new solution fits into your overall business strategy…


Win the omni-channel battle

research-articles |November 7, 2012 | Motorola Solutions

Over the last decade the land of traditional retail has been overrun by the internet and broadband revolution. Now, instead of resisting, savvy retailers are turning the invasion to their advantage…

The best of the bank apps

feature-article |September 14, 2012 | Jonathan Cotton

The rise of the consumer bank app has well and truly taken place, and why shouldn’t it have? We can do everything else on our phones these days, it makes sense that we should be able to move our money around, when we’re on the move, too. But are all banking apps created equal? What’s on offer from the big names? And what’s in it for enterprise? iStart decided to find out…

Smartphone apps

The ultimate guide to smartphone app testing

feature-article |September 12, 2012 | Jae Russell

So the hard yards of your smartphone application design and development are complete. Now it’s time to put it in the appstore, sit back, and watch the money roll in, right?…

The allure of mobile apps

The allure of mobile apps

feature-article |May 28, 2012 | iStart

And a six-step reality check you should complete before being seduced by shiny enterprise app extensions and sexy gadgets…

iPhone used in bed

You don’t need a mobile strategy

opinion-article |March 13, 2012 | Gerry McGovern

Mobile is a platform. It is a tactic, not a strategy. What you need is a strategy for the connected customer. Gerry McGovern explains…

BYOD – Mobility goes viral

feature-article |February 28, 2012 | iStart

A year ago it was the development no employer wanted to know about; now, it’s the movement every employer has to deal with. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) computing is the trend du jour, but is it really the Holy Grail of increased productivity, customer engagement and happy employees? Or are we just nearing the peak of inflated expectations before the inevitable trough of disillusionment?…[View as PDF]

How to build mobile apps – tips and pitfalls from the experts

feature-article |May 10, 2011 | Belinda Simcox

The move from the desktop internet computing of the 90s to the new era of mobile internet is happening with unprecedented velocity – eight times as fast as the PC web was adopted…

4G Network

2014 earliest possible date for real 4G

feature-article |December 21, 2010 | Nigel Horrocks

True 4G offers the hope of blistering mobile broadband speeds, but it can’t happen until access to the spectrums currently occupied by analogue TV are released – and that’s a few years away yet…[View as PDF]

‘Please sir, can I have some more productivity…?’

opinion-article |December 23, 2009 | Mobico

GM of leading NZ mobile solutions provider Mobico, Aldas Palubinskas, is passionate about productivity. He discusses how leading NZ businesses can achieve real world productivity gains and how they can get the dickens out of their day…

THRIVE despite the recession with mobile solutions

opinion-article |September 21, 2009 | Johanna Bennett

Current rhetoric is still focused on surviving the recession, but fortunes have been built in bad times. Mobico’s Aldas Palubinskas talks to Johanna Bennett about how business can thrive by focusing on managing the job – with a little help from mobile technology…

reuse old phones

Clunky mobile devices evolve into savvy, elegant tools

opinion-article |June 23, 2009 | Johanna Bennett

Mobile solutions can radically improve business processes, and make and save companies’ big dollars, says mobile solutions specialist Mobico…




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