Digital First – The Transformation Challenge

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Digital First – The Transformation Challenge
The four greatest challenges to conquer to become a Digital First business

The last 2 years have vastly accelerated the urgent need to advance on the transformational journey. The technology that empowers organisations to deliver ubiquitous experience for both customer and employee is here and available. The challenge is to accelerate the transformation to keep up. This event provides insights into the biggest trends in tech empowering you to grow technical capability and execution within your organisations.

Data and smart technology provision continue to have significant potential to impact and influence productivity and outcomes – at a government, business, and individual level. As customer behaviour shifts, organisations have needed to adopt “digital first” mindsets as they navigate operating environments in which collaboration, governance and societal change has challenged and transformed business as usual. The Digital First Event is designed to bring together tech leaders in short, focused tracks which combine expertise with experience. Network across the exhibition area and choose the half day track that meets your needs to help you grow your technology transformation.
The four tracks will cover:

  • Digital operations
  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation
  • As a service innovation
  • Architecture and operating models


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