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Published on the 22/07/2019 | Written by Intergen

GMHBA healthcare



  • Not for profit


    GMHBA needed to upgrade its content management system (CMS) to offer improved personalisation and give more control to the marketing team


  • Episerver


  • Moved from an on-premises to cloud-based content management system (CMS)
  • Successfully upgraded to Episerver using an agile approach
  • Close collaboration between the teams has set a strong personalisation strategy for the future
  • Can see a clear sales funnel as users navigate the improved website


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Gaining competitive differentiation through individualisation…

GMHBA’s focus is on their customers
GMHBA is an Australian not-for-profit health fund with more than 80 years’ experience. It puts members before profit to provide great value health cover and work together to build stronger and healthier communities. It prides itself on its personalised approach and exceptional customer service.

Improving content management and personalisation
GMHBA was looking to upgrade its existing content management system (CMS) to a more enterprise-level system with extended capabilities such as advanced editing functionality. This would let its marketing team make changes to online content instead of pulling in developers when changes were needed.

Furthermore, GMHBA was looking to improve the user experience of its site through personalisation and a better user interface. The team did extensive work on persona development to provide a new health insurance quoting process for customers.

Guy Moodie, Digital Customer Experience Lead, GMHBA, said, “GMHBA was also keen to move from on-premises to a cloud solution to reduce the maintenance and support required from the internal IT team and offer cleaner deployments in the future.

“Personalisation was a key aspect of the project since it is becoming increasingly important in the health insurance industry. If GMHBA was unable to improve its personalisation, it would have been difficult to compete effectively in a crowded market.”

Episerver provides right fit
Following a comprehensive market scan, GMHBA identified Episerver as a strong solution and Empired as the ideal partner to implement Episerver. GMHBA chose Episerver because it was the closest fit for the organisation’s requirement with features such as strong automation, content management, and personalisation all in one solution.

Empired was already a preferred partner for GMHBA, so it made sense to work together on this project.

Guy Moodie said, “Clearly GMHBA knew Empired could do the work, however the cultural fit was also really important. Our team was impressed with Empired’s strong customer experience lens as well as the team’s ability to go very deep technically.”

Collaborative approach led to project success
The GMHBA and Empired teams gelled quickly and worked successfully to co-build the solution. This was the first time GMHBA had gone all-in with an agile approach, which helped ensure the project stayed on track.

Guy Moodie said, “Using the solution before it was live and having training processes in place were critical to success. Change management was also important. Because the two teams worked closely together, the end result was a successful project.”

Currently, GMHBA has the personalisation building blocks in place and will continue building on those as time goes by. The solution is working as expected and the team has received positive feedback from users.

Guy Moodie said, “We received really positive feedback after launching the site from within the company. In user experience feedback sessions, we’ve been able to see how people are navigating and moving through the site, and we’ve seen an uplift in engagement, which is great. It’s also helped identify areas for improvement, particularly when it comes to the sales funnel. That’s a very complex piece, so work will likely be ongoing around that.” Due to the government’s reform regarding health insurance product classifications, GMHBA needed to understand what this meant for customers so it could determine how to deploy personalisation for maximum benefit.

Guy Moodie said, “Health insurance has become incredibly complex, so it’s not useful to have a website that puts the same information in front of every customer. Personalisation will be crucial as GMHBA refines the site to a more individualised experience for each user.”

Now that the Empired solution has been trialled on selected products, GMHBA will look to do a full-scale rollout across all products and create seamless integrations with third parties that provide health and wellbeing services.

Guy Moodie said, “It’s important to offer value-adds to customers to build brand loyalty and differentiate GMHBA. This should help with customer retention as well as acquisition. The signs are promising that the new solution will deliver this.

“In the next six to 12 months, GMHBA will focus on increasing personalisation, improving customer communications through targeted campaigns, and continuing to manage customer data effectively to provide superior experiences.”

Source: This article was originally sourced from Intergen


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