Greenfields: New school reduces admin with automated document management

Published on the 03/02/2016 | Written by Fujifilm

Ormiston primary school


  • Ormiston Primary School


  • Education


  • Implement a NAGs compliant document management solution.
  • Efficiently store, manage and retrieve documents, and automate inefficient manual tasks


  • Fuji Xerox ApeosPort MFDs for printing, scanning and copying
  • SolutionBuilder for entering documents directly from the MFDs into DocuShare
  • DocuShare for storing digitised documents and automated AP workflow


  • Scalable and secure solution which will support a growing school
  • Maximised storage space
  • Fast and efficient filing of paperwork


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Ormiston Primary deploys ‘day one’ efficient document processes…

The establishment of a new school in Flatbush, Auckland, provided the opportunity for its seasoned Leader of Learning to implement efficient, technologically-driven processes from the very start, unencumbered by legacy equipment or processes. Part of that included the introduction of a document management solution which addresses the full lifecycle of information flow – from digital, to paper, and back again.

Ormiston Primary is a new state primary school with 260 students and a plan to expand capacity to 700.

Heath McNeil is Leader of Learning; he sought a solution to streamline how the school stores, manages and retrieves supplier invoices, student enrolments and administrative/historical records, while eliminating or automating time-consuming, tedious tasks. The new system needed to minimise paper usage and storage, and make it easy to search for stored content.

McNeil had already had positive results working with Fuji Xerox at other schools, and selected its comprehensive solution comprised of two ApeosPort Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) for printing, scanning and copying; DocuShare, to store digitised documents and provide a workflow to automate Accounts Payable (AP) processes; and SolutionBuilder for entering documents directly from the MFDs into DocuShare.

Notably, the solution is fully compliant with the National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) for school administration.

McNeil and the school’s office administrator use DocuShare every day. The previously tedious job of manual filing has reduced dramatically, taking just two days to enter a year’s worth of paperwork into DocuShare. The office administrator has completely revised her opinion of the chore, and now has the capacity to manage more valuable work.

The need to use floor space to store masses of paper archives has gone. “One of the things you never have enough of in a school is storage space,” said McNeil. “You don’t want a room full of cardboard boxes with accounts and invoices when you don’t have enough room for gym mats or something that’s going to make a real difference to the learning of the children that attend the school. Having DocuShare in place has allowed us to manage document growth and our precious space more effectively.”

In day-to-day terms, the solution makes it easy for users to find content, without the need to understand and then navigate through folder hierarchies, or know the titles of documents beforehand. Should a staff member leave, their documents can be quickly located by other users by searching for key words, ensuring the retention of institutional knowledge.

By granting users permission to only access content appropriate to their role at the school, the security of confidential information is ensured.

Fuji Xerox DocuShare is also completely scalable, so as the school’s roll reaches capacity, there will be no need to review the solution.

While Ormiston Primary currently hosts DocuShare on an internal server, it intends to move to an externally hosted model to take advantage of its mobility functionality. Eventually, all staff will be able to access and use DocuShare collaboratively, both on and off-site.

Fuji Xerox’s experience in the education sector and knowledge of NAG requirements has combined with McNeil’s practical knowledge to deliver a solution which caters for the school’s evolving administrative needs, meets compliance requirements and supports it in the delivery of modern learning.


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