Webinar: Increasing efficiencies from order to shipment

Published on the 09/02/2018 | Written by Epicor Software Corporation

Epicor expert, Ian Macdonald demonstrates how order management drives the Epicor ERP system…

Watch this On-Demand Webcast with Epicor expert, Ian Macdonald to learn how order management drives the Epicor ERP system. From the time an order is entered, its progress is tracked through to final shipment, producing perfect order fulfilment on demand. All orders and change orders will be effectively managed online, perfecting the order-to-delivery process for maximum customer satisfaction.

Explore how Epicor capabilities provide:

  • Tracking of items in real-time with complete control and visibility of raw materials, work in process and finished goods as they travel throughout the enterprise.
  • Allocation or reservation and distribution processing, and plan for sales and transfers. Various fulfilment techniques, such as pick and pack, console-driven, and pre-pack processes may be performed through the use of templates to automate the fulfilment process.
  • Hard allocation to finite level, versus reservations processing, launched directly from the order, line, and release.
  • Demand management to help your company reduce lead time and effort for planning and procurement, enabling you to respond on the production floor faster.
  • Get set for Growth!

With Epicor capabilities, users can more easily streamline your order-to-shipment cycle, and fulfil perfect orders that help to ensure world-class customer satisfaction.

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