A/NZ businesses vie for glory in IDC awards

Published on the 29/09/2021 | Written by Heather Wright

DX Awards

IDC’s DX Awards revamped…

A who’s who of Australian and New Zealand companies are among the finalists vying for glory in the annual IDC Future Enterprise Awards.

The awards, previously call the DX Awards, celebrate the successful implementation of digital initiatives that address new customer requirements, development of new capabilities, deployment of new critical infrastructure and pursuit of new industry ecosystems.

The awards recognise local businesses which have achieved admirable results in fast-changing times.

Organisations including Ford Motor Company, Waste Management NZ, Todd Energy, the University of Newcastle and New Zealand’s Earthquake Commission are in the running for awards across 10 categories.

Among the front runners are Cue Clothing, Auckland Airport and New Zealand’s Earthquake Commission, each scoring finalist status across four categories. Cue’s finalist ranking comes in Best in Future of Digital Innovation, Best in Future of Customers and Consumers, Best in Future of Work and the Special Award for Digital Resiliency, where it is going head to head with Auckland Airport and Sydney Local Health District.

Auckland Airport meanwhile is in the running for Best in Future of Industry Ecosystems, Best in Future of Intelligence, Best in Future Operations and the digital resiliency special award.

The Earthquake Commission will be up against Auckland Airport in both the Future of Industry Ecosystems and the Operations categories, and will go head to head with Cue for the Customer and Consumers category. Rounding out its list is the Best in Future of Trust category.

Winners – selected by IDC country and regional analysts against a ‘standard assessment framework’ based on IDC’s Future Enterprise taxonomy – will go on to represent A/NZ in the regional awards.

IDC Australia and New Zealand managing director and awards judge Tehmasp Parekh says the awards recognise local businesses which have achieved ‘admirable results in fast-changing times’.

“This year’s finalists exhibit and showcase initiatives implementing technology to ensure better outcomes for customers and for our communities in the new normal,” he says.

The full list of finalists is

Best in Future of Connectedness recognises organisations that can rethink the way people, things, processes and applications connect to enable the seamless flow of data and drive business outcomes.

  • Ford Motor Company (Australia)
  • Quickstep (Australia)
  • Waste Management NZ (New Zealand)

Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure recognising organisations abilities to take advantage of the emerging digital infrastructure ecosystem, increasingly built on a cloud foundation, to support digital services and experience.

  • GroundProbe (Australia)
  • Todd Energy (New Zealand)
  • Tu Ora Compass Health (New Zealand)
  • University of Newcastle (Australia)

Best in Future of Digital Innovation for organisations that best transform themselves itself from mere software consumer into full-blown, large-scale software innovator.

  • City of Sydney (Australia)
  •  Cue Clothing (Australia)
  •  GroundProbe (Australia)
  • Sydney Local Health District (Australia)

Best in Future of Industry Ecosystems recognising organisations with the ability to generate value by its participation in a new digital economy.

  • The Earthquake Commission (New Zealand)
  • Todd Energy (New Zealand)
  • Water NSW (Australia)
  • AGL (Australia)
  • Auckland Airport (New Zealand)

Best in Future of Customers and Consumers recognises organisations that can rethink and effectively transform the way customer-related initiatives are done in the organisation.

  • BaptistCare (Australia)
  • Cue Clothing (Australia)
  • The Earthquake Commission (New Zealand)

Best in Future of Intelligence celebrating organisations that can rethink the way they synthesise information from raw data, learn from these insights and leverage them at scale across the entire enterprise.

  • AGL (Australia)
  • Auckland Airport (New Zealand)
  • Ron Finemore Transport (Australia)

Best in Future of Operations recognising organisations that can rethink the way operations are managed, fostering resilient operational decision making and supporting operational strategies designed to support increased personalisation and improved customer experience.

  • Auckland District Health Board (New Zealand)
  • Auckland Airport (New Zealand)
  • Auckland Transport (New Zealand)
  • The Earthquake Commission (New Zealand)

Best in Future of Trust recognises organisations that can maintain trust amid the evolving needs of its customers.

  • BPAY Group (Australia)
  • The Earthquake Commission (New Zealand)
  • Todd Energy (New Zealand)
  • Tu Ora Compass Health (New Zealand)

Best in Future of Work for organisations rethinking the way work is done, including through human-machine collaboration.

  • AGL Energy (Australia)
  • BUPA (Australia)
  • Cue Clothing (Australia)
  • Sydney Local Health District (Australia)

Special Award for Digital Resiliency which as its name suggests recognises organisations that have demonstrated digital resiliency.

  • Auckland Airport (New Zealand)
  • Cue Clothing (Australia)
  • Sydney Local Health District (Australia)

Award winners will be announced at the virtual DX Summit and FE Awards on 14 October.

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