Connected vehicles get data-driven telematics

Published on the 24/02/2022 | Written by Newsdesk

New data partnership will enhance fleet analytics…

Australia’s Directed Technologies, provider of automotive electronics and fleet telematics solutions, has recently set up a strategic partnership with SingleStore and Sisense to enhance its telematics offering.

SingleStore will supply its cloud-based SQL database solution for data-intensive applications, while the Sisense analytics toolset will be embedded into the company’s solutions.

With the proliferation of big data and the internet of things (IoT), modern telematics systems have evolved rapidly. Telematics are now proving crucial to ‘the Internet of Things that Move’ (IoTtM).

‘IoTM’ data can deliver wide-reaching benefits such as reduced fuel and maintenance costs

What has become clear is that collecting the data is only one part of the picture.

Analysis of ‘IoTM’ data can deliver wide-reaching benefits such as reduced fuel and maintenance costs, better communication and enhanced safety. More significantly, modern telematics can be used to completely revolutionise the new ‘data smart’ connected vehicle.

Directed Technologies is leading the way in making these capabilities available to every day road users.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, it is a leading automotive and electronics solutions manufacturer, and ‘full stack’ connected vehicle solution provider to automotive and fleet brands around the world.

More than 1,800 fleets utilise telematics devices manufactured in house at Directed Technologies, and more than 300,000 heavy vehicles have its multimedia units (MMUs) onboard. OEMs also rely on Directed Technologies’ data analytics for connected vehicle insights. Across all vehicles, Directed Technologies has deployed millions of turnkey OEM-branded vehicle MMUs, telematics solutions, and accessories for leading global manufacturers.

Legacy database systems were hindered by a lack of flexibility to rapidly scale with the business while also adding high management overhead. The monolithic, rather than microservices-oriented architecture further limited Directed Technologies’ ability to embed artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

The business needed one database to serve all its data needs – from delivering unlimited storage to enabling real-time data analysis.

Directed Technologies knew that it needed a modern database with flexibility, scalability, and security. It was also looking for a supplier that would meet its requirements of ease of integration, speed, and reliability. Even more, it was critical for Directed Technologies to find partners who understood and shared its company values and global business strategy.

Brent Stafford, executive director of Directed Technologies, says staying at the forefront of connected vehicle technology to digitally enable mission-critical businesses globally requires a robust, secure, and highly scalable infrastructure.

“Generating automated actionable insights from the huge volumes of data being generated by every vehicle each day can result in profound organisational and societal benefits,” Stafford adds.

“We’re thrilled to be part of this strategic partnership with SingleStore and Sisense, which provides us with such a solution. As three industry innovators, we are individually and collectively on a high-growth trajectory, and we look forward to what we will achieve together.”

With the help of its new partners, Directed Technologies can now manage large data volumes on a real-time basis, and is increasing the availability and scalability of its telematics. This allows for wide-ranging benefits since telematics can provide profound environmental, personal, and corporate benefits, including a more than 99% reduction in driver violations and dramatically lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

This new strategic relationship now enables Directed Technologies to:

● Pioneer a truly global solution that caters to local market needs of vehicles which are manufactured in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific

● Enable dramatically reduced driver violations, fuel consumption, and maintenance costs for OEM and fleet vehicle operators

● Address the rapid growth in its business and the exponential expansion of connected vehicle data

● Build a new revenue stream by launching its data-analytics-as-a-service offering

● Continue to accelerate its product evolution and innovation

Rohan Persaud, director of channels and alliances APAC at Sisense is similarly enthusiastic about the partnership’s future prospects.

“We are excited about this collaboration with Directed Technologies and SingleStore, which highlights the power of analytics in solving complex issues and the value of committed partnerships,” he said.

“We will support Directed Technologies every step of the way as it scales into a truly global offering.”

Robin Barrow, director, Australia and New Zealand at SingleStore said the partnership with Directed Technologies is a significant milestone and aligns with SingleStore’s strategy of accelerated growth and increased investment in the ANZ marketplace.

“We are delighted to have a long-term agreement in place to provide lasting benefits to both Directed and its clients, who are among some of the most recognised organisations in the ANZ marketplace,” Barrow concludes.

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