Managing big data: HP introduces File Analysis software

Published on the 10/07/2015 | Written by Vendor - media release

One of the biggest issues with big data isn’t so much the physical volume of information but rather its classification: what’s valuable, and what isn’t, and where is the best place to store it…

Recognising that, HP is introducing ControlPoint and Storage Optimizer software products to automate identification and classification, which it says contributes to improved management and governance.

Market analysts are enthusiastic in their anticipations for big data. In 2014, the IDC said unstructured (human-generated) data volumes are increasing 43 percent annually; last week, Ovum said it expects growth of 50 percent for ‘big data software’ by 2019.

HP’s getting in on that action with these new products. Storage Optimizer is a file analysis tool – software which analyses, indexes, searches, tracks and reports on file metadata and, in some cases, file content. It enables various actions to be taken depending on what is identified.

Storage Optimizer, said HP, combines file analytics with policy-based storage tiering and information optimisation. That allows intelligently distribution of information across multiple storage repositories including the cloud. ‘With deeper information quality and insight, more granular policies can be applied for each set of data, before the data is stubbed and stored according to policy. This provides a holistic view of all unstructured data within the organisation’, said HP’s statement.

Storage Optimizer provides connectivity to a wide range of repositories including Hadoop, SharePoint, Exchange and others, scales for the enterprise, includes workflow security and auditability features, and retrieval by end users.

“With Storage Optimizer, one can materially lower cost on primary storage and backup-related storage, more intelligently tier storage, streamline backup processes and increase application performance,” said Josef Elliott, director, Oyster IMS

Meanwhile, HP’s ControlPoint file analysis product analyses enterprise information and automates data migration to the most appropriate on-premise, cloud, Hadoop, or virtual repository.

Branko Bugarski, GM HP Software said ControlPoint serves a critical role in migrating to the cloud, “ensuring that organisations are not simply transferring a data lake from a file share to the cloud, but instead moving the right information based on its inherent value.”

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