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Upcoming Features 2016:

Jan Marketplaces
Subscription billing
All the action of the marketplace
Hand in hand with cloud, SaaS and the Apposphere are the central exchanges where apps are purchased, downloaded and updated. Apple’s AppStore and Google’s Play Store have set the benchmark that is being emulated by “head vendors” such as Salesforce and Xero, with telcos also chiming in. We delve into the business software marketplaces to see how they work and whether they deliver value for both user and vendor.
Feb Recruitment
HR/HCM Buyers Guide
Towards more intelligent HR
Hiring new staff is far from easy, but can technology help make better decisions? Assessing qualitative characteristics like cultural fit and psychometric evaluations to assess suitability for specific roles are part of the metrics hiring firms might like to measure – but can it be done? iStart investigates and looks at the state of play in Human Resource Management software.
Mar Robotics
Big data
Algorithmic machinations
The human-machine interface has long been a source of fascination for sci-fi novelists and artificial intelligence proponents alike. The convergence of IT and robot technologies have heralded an era where the fascination is rapidly becoming the possible, the tried and the proven. Central to this enablement is the use of algorithms to contextualise data and provide rational decision making. But what the hell is an algorithm?
Apr CRM/Marketing automation
Customer experience
Service management
The big deal: Customer Experience
Fresh on the jargon radar, CX is all the rage right now and its companion is digitisation. iStart explores the groundswell which is seeing investment in delivering satisfying experiences to customers in the digital world. Is it really all that different from good old fashioned customer service?
May eCommerce
O2O not oxygenated water
It’s a new term that brings science and psychology to the bricks versus clicks conundrum. Attracting screen-bound consumers away from their devices and out onto the pavement (i.e. Online-to-Offline) is attracting a lot of attention in the world’s biggest market. We take a look.
June Digitisation
Disruption or corruption?
Uber is the oft-quoted master of the disruption universe but how much has it really affected the personal transportation market? Has all the controversy, conflict and scorchingly well executed tech resulted in mass redundancies and decommissioning of taxi fleets?We get a pointy focus on what the impact has been and the lessons learned for other industries.
Jul Big Data
Big sky data
Could there be any data bigger than the totality of the known universe? The Square Kilometre Array is a project which is, to an extent, finding out. Under construction in Australia and South Africa, the SKA will exploit radio astronomy’s ability to provide the highest resolution images in all astronomy. In this feature, we find out more about what the SKA is, how it is intended to work and what it hopes to achieve. Along the way, we’ll discover that the SKA is a global project which has the potential to change how mankind understands his place in the universe.
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