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Agile transformation requires more than just applying a label to the corporate website and declaring yourself Agile. It is also not a silver bullet for all that ails or a one jab injection that guarantees immediate success. It requires readiness for a change of mindset, openness to changing long-held practices and commitment to sticking with it and following it through for long-term growth and success.

Whether your business is planning, part way through or further along its Agile journey, this event has case studies and topics covering all these stages and more.

Top reasons to attend:

  • Connect and network with like-minded Agile professionals and practitioners
  • Hear insightful and advice filled case studies on some of New Zealand’s biggest Agile transformations
  • Hear the opinions of thought leaders and experts on where they see Agile heading
  • Gain insights into how other businesses are approaching and addressing common Agile issues

Who should attend:

  • Decision makers of businesses and corporations looking at transitioning to an Agile environment
  • Agile practitioners looking at expanding and advancing their understanding and knowledge of Agile
  • Heads of Innovation, Integration and Transformation including
  • Chief Technology Officers
  • Chief Customer Officers
  • Chief Digital Officers
  • Managers of and those with oversight over Agile programmes and tribes
  • Policy Makers
  • Industry Analysts

Edwin Dando, Director and Principal Consultant – Radically
Paul Tayler, Business Analyst of Integrations & Information Services – Toyota New Zealand
Erika Barden, Head of Agile – Fr@nk Innovation & Transformation
Biunca Hooper, Transformation Coach and NZ Director – EPiC Agile
Rob Gaunt, Co-Founder and Sydney Director – EPiC Agile
Karen Lusis, Head of Delivery & Transformation – Woolworths NZ
Adam Hatley-Owen, Head of Digital Experience & Delivery – Woolworths NZ

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