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AI Day

Identifying fake news, robots replacing teachers and advancing cancer detection and treatment are just three topics on the agenda at this year’s AI Day, New Zealand’s premier AI event in Auckland.

Presented by the AI Forum NZ and NewZealand.AI, AI Day will have over 20 leading industry experts, international speakers and panelists from New Zealand, Australia, China and the US, discussing how this prolific evolving technology is impacting business, people and society.

Headline speakers include physicist, TED fellow and entrepreneur Sean Gourley, a US based Kiwi and founder of machine intelligence company Primer, who will discuss AI and fake versus real news, algorithm manipulation and the challenge this places on democracy.

Workshops to be confirmed.

International keynote – Sean Gourley, Founder and CEO of Primer

Dr Mahsa Mohaghegh – Lecturer – School of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences, AUT
Glen Willoughby – Senior Fellow Digital Innovation School of Health at Victoria University of Wellington
Brandon Hutcheson – CEO, Aware Group
Venky Veeraraghavan – Group Program Manager, Microsoft
Pia Andrews – Executive Director of Digital Government, NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
Jingyi Yu – Professor and Associate Dean, School of Information Science and Technology at Shanghaitech University
Priti Ambani – Director of Innovation, Tech Futures Lab
Anchali Anandanayagam – Partner, Hudson Gavin Martin


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