Devops Talks Conference (DOTC) Auckland

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Devops Talks Conference (DOTC)

DevOps Talks Conference (DOTC) brings together DevOps leaders, engineers and architects who are implementing DevOps principles and practices in Start Ups and in Leading Enterprise companies. They run technical and cultural DevOps complex transformation for large and medium organisations.

In today’s competitive IT industry, companies have to enable themselves to deliver products and services to their customers faster than their competition, or risk losing market share. The rise in prominence of Agile delivery practices is helping companies collaborate and deliver more effectively. The maturity of DevOps practices is an essential ingredient to speed up time to production for each feature, idea and/or market test. DevOps is the engine of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment but it requires significant changes in culture and personal attitude.

John Willis – Red Hat, Founding member of the global transformation office
Jessica Deen – Microsoft, Senior Cloud Advocate
Lance Burdett – Founder and CEO, Warn International
Andrew Haddad – CIO, Vodafone
Stephen Kraemer – Chief Information Security Officer, Ports of Auckland
Nicolas Frankel – Developer Advocate, Hazelcast
Yuri Belenky – Head of technology, App & Cloud Platform, nab
Carmel Hinks – Senior Software Engineer, Atlassian
HInne Hettema – Tactical security operations leader and security architect, Ports of Auckland
Christopher Miras – Engineering manager, nab
Anthony Rees – APAC Solutions Architect, CHEF
Vadim Pinskiy – VP of Research and Development, nanotronics
Cameron Townshend – Solution architect, sonatype

Check out the agenda for DevOps Talks Conference (DOTC) in Auckland.


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