Brenda Aynsley

Why you need more women in your design team

September 23, 2015 | Brenda Aynsley
How much further can technology go and how much faster can we can get there if greater diversity in the workplace is encouraged, ponders ACS president Brenda Aynsley… read more...

Is ICT education today ready to skill the next-gen workforce?

July 7, 2015 | Brenda Aynsley
The world is increasingly digital, but what of its citizens? With the march of technological progress, jobs are changing and Brenda Aynsley questions whether today’s educational curricula are preparing people for tomorrow’s world… read more...

Who is handling your data?

July 17, 2014 | Brenda Aynsley
With data privacy a hot topic at present, Brenda Aynsely of the Australian Computer Society asks how to keep data safe… read more...
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