Exo hits the right note for Perth music store

Published on the 07/03/2016 | Written by MYOB



  • Entertainment


  • Improve information visibility for better inventory control, management reporting
  • Eliminate multiple difficult-to-use, disparate business systems
  • Improve front-end/back-end integration


  • MYOB Exo


  • Increased sales staff confidence
  • Complete visibility of business operations across multiple locations
  • Improved customer management
  • Tighter stock control and inventory accuracy


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Faced with the challenge of multiple disparate systems, Western Australia’s Mega Music found the ideal business management software in MYOB Exo…

For many rapidly growing businesses, the introduction of new systems to help manage the organisation can happen on an organic basis. While that quickly addresses immediate challenges, it can result in a miscellany of isolated programs which can, in time, cause more difficulties than they address.

That’s a situation in which Perth’s Mega Music found itself. Established in 2001, the company quickly grew to become one of the city’s favourite music stores, large enough to offer a great selection at competitive prices, but small enough to still retain a friendly culture. Providing quality gear for music professionals, students, schools and bedroom warriors, Mega Music also offers instrument repairs, servicing facilities and a music academy with highly skilled teachers.

Mega Music struggled with a mismatch of different accounting and Point of Sale systems across its business, which Kajen Velupillay, Owner/Director describes simply (and effectively) as ‘clunky.’ Issues included difficulty in using the systems, while the inability to share information from one system to another limited the value of data, particularly in terms of managing customer relationships. The company also wanted to improve accountability by providing easy access to information, allowing operators to view previous sales, repairs or services.

To Mega Music, notes Velupillay, “a professional and personal touch is as significant as each individual transaction”.

“ What we liked most about what MYOB Exo delivered was a back end system that operated and performed to our team’s expectations.”

It therefore sought a system which would help create a single customer view, in turn supporting the goal of developing one-to-one relationships and tailored options for individual customers.

Mega Music approached MYOB partner Horizon Business Systems to examine the available options, identifying Exo as the preferred basis on which to develop an appropriate solution.

Working together, Horizon and Mega Music tailored the system to enable more dynamic customer relationships by understanding and reporting on individual needs rather than just a straight “point of sale” of instruments and accessories.

With three locations – and looking to expand – Mega Music recognized the value of MYOB Exo to deliver multi-site POS (point-of-sale) from a single database, operating both on and offline across all sites. It also needed stock to be easily and accurately transferred across locations, with accurate reporting to keep track of stock throughout the supply chain.

Velupillay says MYOB Exo has delivered to Mega Music’s expectations. “What we like most is the back-end system which interfaces seamlessly with the front-end a POS system,” he notes, explaining that it empowers salespeople to know what stock is available, so they can accurately meet customer requirements.

He says the customisation of MYOB Exo completed by Horizon Business Services has allowed staff and management at Mega Music to provide a much higher level of accurate, timely and personalised service to its customer base. “It is these customer relationships that make Mega Music the fastest growing music store in the region,” Velupillay concludes.


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