Fast growing business picks up the pace with Exo

Published on the 25/01/2016 | Written by MYOB



  • Retail


  • Improve visibility across multiple sites
  • Deliver accurate, up to date management information
  • Improve Accounts Receivable
  • Enhance inventory efficiency.


  • MYOB Exo


  • Customised reports
  • Single, company-wide system for accurate control
  • Optimised inventory
  • Easy/instant access to management information.


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Specialist retailer looks for MYOB business management software to get the competitive edge…

Growth for any business is always a good thing, but it can result in some pain as management systems reach the end of their ability to scale. Faced with just this issue, specialist liquor and coffee wholesaling, retail and logistics business Monacellars upgraded its software package to MYOB’s Exo, addressing immediate issues of sluggishness and poor information availability, while also positioning the company for further growth into the future.

Founded in 1991, Monacellars started as a small retail store in Victoria’s Gippsland town of Morwell. Today, with 47 staff members, Monacellars runs a large warehouse and distribution facility, multiple walk-in and drive-through liquor stores, plus a logistics business that runs a number of trucks and vans to service over 700 customers throughout Gippsland and Greater Victoria.

Monacellars’ GM Simon Kelton explains that the company had successfully used MYOB’s Retail Manager with AccountRight Plus for 17 years. While this proved a good solution for the business, expansion meant it was no longer up to the task. “It was an affordable ‘off the shelf’ solution and easy to use – but with the business growing rapidly, the database simply could not keep up,” he relates.

Issues which were hampering operations included sluggishness and frequent maintenance of the current system. Furthermore, adds Kelton, “We needed an increase in efficiency, flexibility and customisation – things our existing solution could not provide.”

Things needed to change, so Kelton started looking for a new solution. “We looked at a number of warehouse management and retail systems, but none integrated with each other, or Accounting Plus. They were all basically custom-built at a huge expense.”

Continuing an online search, Kelton discovered that there was more to MYOB, which had long earned its stripes at Monacellars. The Exo product is a considerable step up from accounting software; in due course he contacted MYOB partner Acacia Consulting.

Notably, Monacellars required a lot of customisation, particularly for reporting. That’s where the flexibility of Exo and the capability of Acacia Consulting proven invaluable: “We have over 100 custom reports. Around 20 of these were created by Acacia; the remainder, we created ourselves by engaging with MYOB’s education forums,” Kelton explains.

Standard reports used by the company include aged balances, stop credit, debtor transaction listing and sales analysis designer (real time profit and loss); balance are custom built.

Monacellars opted for a ‘slow and steady’ approach to the implementation, easing the transition from old to new for its staff members. “Staff took to Exo right away because they could see the benefits and how this was going to make their jobs much easier,” Kelton points out.

Monacellars has seen enormous improvements to its system, which has also positively impacted on the way it does business with customers. “The flexibility and customisation Exo has delivered has improved our business performance dramatically,” Kelton confirms. “Invoicing is clearer. We now have real time data and additional custom product data – and we can deliver accurate reporting to our management and sales teams.”

With clear statements and improved customer communication, a further benefit is the removal of ‘up and down’ on Accounts Receivable. Improved stock control and management has optimized inventory, while Kelston says sales order errors have decreased.

But the most significant contribution Exo has made to Monacellars, says Kelton, is the overall reduction in administration. “It has reduced individual workloads, increased efficiencies and allowed us to react rapidly to customer requirements.”


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