What are the top four CFO imperatives for 2018?

Published on the 15/03/2018 | Written by iStart

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This is a big year for CFOs. Amidst the continued pressure to deliver innovative, services-driven business models to support growth targets, the modern financial leader will play an important, evolving role in 2018. The most important interface with your investors, the CFO has quickly become a key force in supporting business strategy and growth.

While managing the fundamentals of the finance department, the modern CFO must simultaneously look towards the future in order to sustain the success of their organisations.

This webinar covered the top imperatives for CFOs in 2018:

  • Forecasting and predictive insights: How the modern CFO can lead the charge on business model agility and predictability
  • Operational efficiencies: Why CFOs are investing in new technology for benefits beyond workplace productivity
  • Business growth: How the CFO is rethinking end-to-end processes to support business goals typically owned by sales and marketing
  • Compliance, compliance, compliance: How finance teams are leveraging AASB 15 / NZ IFRS 15 as a catalyst to modernise revenue processes


Robert Samuel – Partner, Grant Thornton Australia
Specialising in technology-led growth, Robert has over 25 years experience in international business and tech, working across financial services, trade and FMCG.

Scott Taylor – Independent consultant, ex Partner EY & Deloitte
Scott has more than 30 years experience in the field of technology and finance solutions, transformation programs and running advisory and technology consulting businesses.

Philip Barnes – CFO Insight
With 25+ years and over 50 clients under his belt, Philip draws on coal face insights to deliver practical advice on improving financial management for business success.

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