Advanced Manufacturing: Why Henry Ford got it wrong

Published on the 15/11/2018 | Written by Cincom

Today’s convenience economy creates a huge challenge for manufacturers…

How to give people exactly what they want without creating inefficiency, waste and delays in making it?

Ford’s mantra was to deliver his customers low cost, reliable vehicles, ‘as long as they were black’.

Today, the low cost and reliability are a given, but ‘I’ll take mine in electric blue, with the big exhaust, racks and tan leather please’.

It’s a dilemma wrapped up in a term called advanced manufacturing where, ultimately, customer-specific orders drive manufacturing orders, without driving the price up.

Our panel of leading industrial manufacturers talks about:

  1. The main challenges they face in matching production with demand
  2. What advanced manufacturing means to them
  3. The technology they are using or piloting to help deliver on customer demands
  4. What they see the future has in store


Keiran Stokes

Keiran Stokes – Facteon
Keiran Stokes is Industrial IoT Solutions Architect for F&P subsidiary Facteon. Keiran plays a crucial role driving Facteon’s Industry 4.0 and IoT initiatives, and selectively implementing highly innovative data solutions into intelligent factories across the globe.



Simon Boyd

Simon Boyd – Hamilton Jet

Simon Boyd is CFO at marine propulsion manufacturers Hamilton Jet, and takes the lead in all business systems improvements. In his role Simon oversees the financial implications of getting production and inventory mis-matched, and takes an active role in balancing customer orders and global supply chain demands.



Reinaldo Silva

Reinaldo Silva Facteon

Reinaldo is Facteon’s Software Products Manager. He is the go-to man when it comes to the commercialisation of Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 digital products.



Hayden McCall
Hayden McCall — iStart technology in business

Hayden is managing director of iStart and will host the webinar, facilitating the panel discussion and moderating audience interaction.



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