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Published on the 29/08/2017 | Written by Donovan Jackson

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You’re not going to see any presentations on the latest version of a software product at Intergen’s Convergence events…

That’s a promise which comes directly from the company’s CEO (and Empired COO) Simon Bright. In a chat with iStart, Bright said instead, the events serve to inspire by demonstrating what companies in various industries are doing with technology as they create digital businesses. “Convergence is about telling the stories. It is about conversations around digital transformation and the modern enterprise, giving C-level people the opportunity to see the value which is coming out of digital transformation and consider how their own organisations can benefit.”

While the ‘Convergence’ name for the series of three fixtures (in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland) is new, the concept is not. The flagship event in Intergen’s calendar was previously known as Dynamics Day.

Bright explained that the new name reflects the ubiquitous role technology plays in business transformation. It also acknowledges the convergence of business and technology as a singular, interdependent focus, rather than concentrating on technical detail as Dynamics Day did at its inception nearly a decade ago.

The line-up features Intergen customers including the leaders from Jucy, Dynamics Controls, NV Interactive, Ryman Healthcare and AsureQuality.

Asked why these customers, which have achieved remarkable results through their digital transformation initiatives, are so willing to share their results, Bright said the point is to encourage others to examine how their companies, too, can benefit. “We live in a country where we are encouraging of each other and like to share great ideas. These are also organisations which recognise that we can work together towards a better world using technology.”

Growing the pie, in other words, rather than trying to protect a small part of it.

Adding some intrigue, guest speakers include political journalist Andrea Vance (in Wellington), NZ Tech CEO Graeme Muller (in Wellington) and Simon van Velthooven (in Christchurch and Auckland), Emirates Team New Zealand ‘cyclor’ from the successful Americas Cup campaign and Olympic track cycling medallist.

Bright said these additions reflect the widespread impact of technology on all aspects of the modern world – and how, certainly in van Velthooven’s case, the combination of seemingly unrelated things (cycling and sailing do seem odd bedfellows) can deliver a competitive advantage.

“We’re really excited to have these guests join the Convergence conversation, bringing their views on the digital economy and what New Zealand organisations need to do, in practical terms, to achieve digital transformation.” Bright added.

While he has promised no techie sessions, he does say a technology update can be expected, though this will be explicitly showcased through customers to provide real-world insights – what the technology actually does. “Real world stories, are, I think, essential to demystifying and informing on the digital world and how the opportunities can be applied. Whether you’re in the public or private sector, attending Convergence will help open minds further with new ideas to explore through great speakers and organisations which have done some great things with digital technology.”

Intergen Convergence demonstrates how digital transformation can be achieved through the convergence of ideas and actions, people and technology. Events take place in Christchurch and Wellington Auckland on 17 and 19 October, and Auckland on 3 November.

Intergen Convergence

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