Microsoft CRM 2013 release notes

Published on the 28/11/2013 | Written by Newsdesk

microsoft dynamics crm

The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is now available worldwide and experts are saying it represents a significant leap forward from previous versions, reflecting the way that people work rather than dictating processes…

In its release preview guide Microsoft says it has “reimagined” the user experience for the new release making it simple and intuitive. Users now have “actionable intelligence at their fingertips, and a pervasive connection to the people and resources they need”. The A/NZ Microsoft Partners that iStart interviewed agree that the improved user experience is one of the standout features for clients.

Dalia Raphael, CRM Manager for Microsoft partner Koorb Consulting summed it up, saying: “Microsoft invested hugely in the 2013 version. The focus has been on improvement of the user experience. The new version is much easier, faster and more modern.”

In part this is due to the new screen and navigation layout that makes more efficient use of screen real estate so everything the user needs is in one place and they can access or enter information quickly while maintaining their focus on the customer.

The revamped user experience has generated keen interest amongst customers. Ian Twine, practice and delivery manager CRM for UXC Eclipse said: “Since the launch, we’ve already started a number of implementation projects across our customer base. […] So far the feedback has been extremely positive about the integration connectors, as well as the ‘flat UI’. It’s been all about the greatly improved user experience.”

Other new features of note also focus on the user experience, including the enhancement of business process, real-time workflows and configurable business rules so that users can better align their business rules and CRM system. Mobile CRM and social media components have also been incorporated.

Alan Parker, CRM sales consultant for Adaptable Solutions, commented that the CRM 2013 now allows people to work with the CRM system as a natural function of their day.

“Customised business process flows that reflect the way in which sales and service staff work, along with the capacity to take this on the road, through their tablet or smartphone, means that CRM is an enabler of their job, rather than just a database of what has occurred historically,” he explained.

Like UXC Eclipse, Parker said Adaptable has seen keen interest in the new release from clients and has already done its first site go live with more customers lining up.

“The business process flow functionality has got them excited with the vision they can build a consistent structure across their sales teams, while the Mobile Client has them thinking about the enrichment they can add to their customer visits. […] Looking forward, mobility is going to play an increasingly important role.”

Raphael and Parker also highlighted the importance of the social media additions to the new release and Twine said the sum total of the changes now adds up to a “world class CRM solution”.

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