‘Multichannel, mass-personalised comms’ a step towards digital transformation?

Published on the 05/08/2016 | Written by Newsdesk

mass personalisation fuji xerox

There’s still plenty of process inefficiency when reaching customers…

By optimising customer communications and reaching individuals by their preferred channel at the right time, businesses can reduce costs, improve marketing return on investment and satisfy their customers with digitally transformed communications processes.

That’s according to Fuji Xerox New Zealand, which has introduced what it calls a multi-channel Customer Communications Management (CCM) portfolio. These services, it said, support businesses in the acquisition, retention and growth of their customer base.

In a statement, the company’s managed services GM Chae Ball said choosing the right channel is about more than cost control. Instead, it is about digitally enabling organisations to deliver to customer expectations.

“Some channels are more efficient than others, such as email when compared to printed and posted items. However, the choice of channel is that of the customer, not your business,” he said.

In other words, even if a customer prefers slow, clunky and costly snail mail over electronic comms, that is what he or she should get.

Ball said the company’s CCM solutions form ‘a flexible and broad suite of integrated multi-channel services that enable businesses to correspond with their customers via email, web and mobile for bills, statements, notifications, marketing mailers and other exchanges’.

Capable of addressing requirements across the communications lifecycle, the services capture and process incoming documents and data from customers, compose and disseminate customised content to customers and provide online access to both customers and service staff for information retrieval.

Tim Smith, APAC sales and marketing GM at Fuji Xerox, said these services represent a further step towards the delivery of digitised communication solutions. “With solutions which span everything from personalised print to targeted digital interactions, we’re delivering services that enable higher productivity the digitally transformed businesses of today and tomorrow.”

Ball said particularly those organisations in the financial, insurance, utilities, telecommunications and government sectors can benefit from CCM solutions; these organisations are typically faced with the necessity to achieve mass personalisation across multiple channels. Apart from government, these companies also typically operate in competitive environments where differentiation is difficult to achieve and the difference between winning and retaining customers is found on the margins.

The company said its CCM services are designed to create streamlined workflows, integrate with existing business systems and automate business processes, eliminate paperwork, reduce costs and maximise returns on investment in customer communications.

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