Whitepaper: How to elevate sales team performance

Published on the 13/10/2016 | Written by CSO Insights

The Sales Relationship/Process matrix (SRP) is a proven method to measure and improve sales performance…

Research outfit CSO Insights first presented the Sales Relationship/Process (SRP) Matrix (see Figure 1) in 2007 and has been tracking its key metrics for the past eight years. The SRP Matrix serves as a framework for firms to quickly identify the maturity of their current sales operations and provides a guide to the relationship and process changes they need to implement to remain competitive going forward.

As it turns out, elevating their position along each dimension is not simply a “nice idea” or a good thing for firms to do; the data clearly and consistently supports the importance of firms doing so to achieve higher sales performance levels.

Microsoft sales performance graph

We’ve defined three Performance Levels based on four key metrics:

  1. Percentage of sales reps meeting or beating quota
  2. Percentage of overall revenue plan attained
  3. Total sales rep turnover
  4. Sales forecast accuracy

These Performance Levels play out across the SRP Matrix.

How to elevate sales team performance
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This paper was prepared by CSO Insights in association with Microsoft.


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