Whitepaper: Enabling enterprise mobility through people-centric IT

Published on the 28/11/2014 | Written by Intergen

Multi-device workplaces are creating new challenges for IT, but by implementing a people-centric management approach businesses can satisfy both the needs of their users and their governance and security requirements…

The proliferation of consumer devices and ubiquitous information access is driving the enterprise away from a device-centric model, centered on corporate-owned and provisioned devices to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and bring-your-own-cloud (BYOC) model in which employees use their own devices to access corporate applications and data and use personal cloud storage for data and services. When they’re working, people expect consistent access to corporate tools and data regardless of the type of device they’re using. They also want their corporate-issued technology and resources to look and behave like their personal technology – always on and always available from any device, from virtually anywhere.

An enterprise model that supports the use of consumer devices and cloud storage in the workplace and the ability to work from virtually anywhere and anytime must move from a device-centric view of IT management to one that’s people-centric.

Today’s workplace trends:
66% Nearly two-thirds of employees use personal devices for work purposes.
70% of mobile employees are unhappy with the mobility capabilities they receive.
20% of enterprise BYOD programs will fail due to enterprise deployment of mobile device management measures that are too restrictive.

Obstacles for IT:
Loss of device control: Multiple devices and platforms, both personal and corporate-owned, challenge IT’s jurisdiction over access, apps and assets. IT is still expected to provide peak performance and consistent services across all devices.

Connection confusion: Employees working outside the office connect to the corporate network in a variety of ways, from any number of locations – not all which are secure. IT must manage connection permissions to data, while navigating different devices and access information.

Increased security risk: More devices create more risk: often devices used to access corporate data and resources are employee-owned and are used off premises. IT must maintain security with less control over device and networking.

Multiple user identities: A single employee may use a range of devices, often creating multiple sign-ons or user identitiesto grant access to corporate networks, data and resources,increasing the management and security strains on IT.

How to enable enterprise mobility through people-centric IT
Intergen white paper
1. Enable users
Allow users to work on the devices of their choice and provide consistent access to corporate resources.
2. Protect your data
Help protect corporate information and manage risk.
3. Unify your environment
Deliver a unified application and device management on-premises and in the cloud.
To find out more about how to manage your enterprise mobility to boost your business, download the full whitepaper from Intergen here.


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