Whitepaper: Five signs your ERP is not up to the pace of change

Published on the 20/04/2016 | Written by Epicor Software Corporation

driving growth
The transition from product centricity to an ‘always on’ customer service orientation is a challenge for antiquated core systems...

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technologies are such a rich source of constant intelligence for businesses; it is not surprising that the choice of ERP solution is considered vital for companies mapping the course to customer centric models.

However, just because some ERP vendors can apply a new paint job and detail the exterior of their features and functionality, it doesn’t mean they have the horsepower under the hood to be truly adapted to a modern business environment.

It is here the very real difference between systems that look good and solutions with true power comes to the fore. Precision solutions have the ability to offer everything right out of the box. Change and adaption to new requirements is fast and easy. Old systems are slow to adapt because of the way they are built. It takes time to add on layers of new features and functions, but the core product never really progresses. It’s still the same old code.

Essentially, you can give an old bomb a new paint job, but it still can’t win the race.

This white paper presents five symptoms to look for when assessing the agility of your ERP system:

  1. The choice between cloud and on-premises is painful
  2. You have to be a code guru to make changes
  3. Real-time reporting is a problem
  4. The workflow is difficult to navigate and automate
  5. Your vendor’s idea of innovation is fixing bugs

To find out more download the white paper Driving Growth: can you ERP accelerate with the pace of change?

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