Whitepaper: Implementing modern ERP

Published on the 20/09/2015 | Written by Epicor Software Corporation

Modern ERP

Telsyte research report: Uncovering key components for a successful outcome... [View as PDF]

This report was commissioned by Epicor and independently produced by Telsyte. The report examines Enterprise Resource Planning software usage in Australia, and details how organisations can improve their business processes with an ERP modernisation program.

Many organisations are burdened by so-called “legacy” ERP systems that do not afford much flexibility to adapt to new ways of doing business and are renowned for poor user interfaces. Modern ERP systems present new options for data integration and processing, user interaction, delivery model (cloud, hosted or on-premises), and mobile client access. This report investigates the challenges Australian organisations have with their existing ERP systems and identifies the key components of ERP systems which can improve business outcomes.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction
  • The ERP usage gap
  • Factors influencing ERP success
  • ERP access in a mobile workplace
  • On-premises to cloud: choosing an ERP delivery model
  • Conclusion
  • About this report

To find out more download the white paper Implementing modern ERP: Uncovering key components for a successful outcome.

Modern ERP


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