Carbon planet ready to take on the world

Published on the 20/10/2008 | Written by Oracle NetSuite


  • Carbon Planet


  • Full Spectrum Carbon Management


  • Overcome issue of no internal CRM processes, progress from an entry-level business management software providing limited visibility, develop a clear way to extend business to international franchisees.


  • NetSuite’s integrated business management system.


  • Able to quickly adopt proven CRM best practices built in to NetSuite workfow.
  • Convenient browser-based management access to the company’s pipeline and sales performance data.
  • Partner Center makes bringing new foreign a liates into the fold easy.


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NetSuite’s on-demand business operating solution is helping the carbon management company quickly build a distributed global enterprise…

Carbon Planet is an expansion-stage company carving out a leadership position in the emerging market for carbon impact management services.

The Adelaide-based business’s mission is to enable every individual and business to manage their contribution to global warming.

It expects skyrocketing demands for its services as companies are increasingly motivated to internalize the economic impact of their business operations.

Being in position to grow in a healthy, orderly fashion both across Australia and internationally is a key concern for Carbon Planet, and the company’s start-up operations platform was not up to the task.

“We knew that we had started out with a smallscale software package and that we would need to go global, but we didn’t want that to bring with it responsibility for a lot of back-end servers and databases,” says Remco Marcelis, Carbon Planet CFO.

And as an Apple Macintosh-focused office, Carbon Planet was looking for a solution which would be fully compatible with its internal desktop machines, but extensible to international franchisees and partners using Windows PCs.

The solution
To meet its needs, Carbon Planet turned to NetSuite’s integrated online business management system. NetSuite was the right fit for Carbon Planet, from agnostic web-based design to a flexible, affordable approach to business infrastructure.

“We considered another solution which said it was browser-based, but we found that it was really only Internet Explorer-based,” Marcelis says.

“We’re a Mac shop, and we quickly saw that NetSuite was much more functional in terms of crossbrowser functionality, and worked well for us using Safari on the Mac as well as in our tests with Firefox,” he says.

“And we know that if our franchisers are using browsers on the PC, it will still work the same for them.”

Although Carbon Planet looks to NetSuite to help define its emerging business practices, the company has also been able to quickly customize the system as desired.

“We have been able to do our own tailoring of screens and fields on the NetSuite screens to better suit our needs, and expect to do more as our business grows.”

With the realities and economics of the carbon management business just starting to enter the mainstream business consciousness, Carbon Planet can now feel comfortable that its back-end operations will not be an impediment to growth, or a drag on earnings.

“We know that we are going to be global and need access to our business from anywhere,” Marcelis says. “NetSuite’s browser-based approach will play a huge part in enabling us to grow while managing our cost of ownership.”

The results
Carbon Planet is realizing its mandate to quickly build a distributed global enterprise with the help of the NetSuite on-demand business operating solution.

“We needed to be able to grow in a consistent, managed way into a multi-entity organization, and NetSuite is an important part of that growth,” says Marcelis.

With NetSuite’s Partner Center, Carbon Planet can transparently observe and analyse the performance of its franchise partners across the country and abroad.

“We knew that we would need full sales reporting for our franchise sales model, and the NetSuite Partner Center was the right fit for us,” he says.

NetSuite’s CRM capabilities also give the company the insight it needs to manage a productive sales force.

“The pipeline reporting in NetSuite makes it easy for us to keep an eye on our sales, monitor performance, and see when people are not making the cut.”

Carbon Planet has been able to implement best practice approaches to new disciplines such as lead management and pipeline probabilities by simply following NetSuite’s proven workflows.

“NetSuite has strong built-in business processes, which was important to us as a growing business because we were able to adopt them out of the box to be our processes,” Marcelis says.


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