Whitepaper: Disrupt, collapse, transform – The role of cloud computing in industry transformation

Published on the 04/06/2015 | Written by Frost & Sullivan

In an environment of unprecedented change across industries of all kinds, survival depends on flexibility and adaptability…[View as PDF]

We are living in an age of unprecedented change, as industries as diverse as retail, media and manufacturing are undergoing rapid, and often unpredictable, transformation. This accelerating rate of industry disruption is driving companies to adapt far more quickly to the changing business environment in order to survive.

As cloud computing matures and becomes more established, not just as a technology but as a business concept, organisations are gaining a more nuanced view of its benefits. As with many new services or products, cloud was initially adopted on the basis of its ability to lower both capital and operating costs for businesses. With industry change accelerating, however, the flexibility, scalability and adaptability of cloud have become significantly important factors for adoption, as more organisations recognise the intrinsic agility it offers.

Table of Contents

1 About this White Paper 3
2 Rapid Rate of Industry Change 4
3 Factors Driving Transformation 6
3.1 Emergence of New, Disruptive Competitors 6
3.2 Digitalisation 6
3.3 Development of New Business Models 8
3.4 Servitisation and Productisation Waves 8
4 Cloud Improves Adaptability 11
5 Cloud as a Source of Business Advantage 13
The Last Word 14

To find out more download our whitepaper Disrupt, collapse, transform – The role of cloud computing in industry transformation

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